Laxmii Movie Review: Akshay Kumar, who grew up as ‘Laxmi’, but the ‘bomb’ of entertainment is breathless!


Manoj Vasistha, New Delhi. The cinematic lockout and future uncertainties during the Corona virus pandemic forced many big star cast films to appear directly on streaming platforms in the year 2020. In the same sequence, Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani’s ‘Laxmi’ was released on Disney Plus Hotstar on Monday (9 November) in Diwali Week.

Had Corona not been there, the audience would have seen ‘Laxmi’ (the first Laxmi bomb) on Eid in May. However, when Eid of ‘Asif’ came out, ‘Lakshmi’ came to rain on Diwali. The horror-comedy film ‘Lakshmi’ underscores sensitive issues such as narrowness of thinking about transgenders and their spontaneous acceptance in society, but the film’s story is completely staggered between these issues and messages. In many places, the story seems to contradict its spirit.

Lakshmi is the story of Asif (Akshay Kumar) and Rashmi (Kiara Advani) living in Rewari, Haryana, who have a love marriage. Rashmi is happy with Asif. He is accompanied by Asif’s nephew Shan, whose parents were killed in an accident some time ago. Asif does business with tiles and marble. Asif, who has a rational mind, does not believe in ghosts and runs an organization to dispel superstitions.

Rashmi’s family, especially father Sachin (Rajesh Sharma), is angry with the daughter’s marriage in another religion. After three years of marriage, Rashmi did not go to her house. Finally, Rashmi’s mother Ratna (Ayesha Raza Mishra) invites her to her home for the celebration of her 25th wedding anniversary.

Rashmi is happy to think that the family will meet Asif on this pretext and perhaps their displeasure will go away. Asif, Rashmi and Shaan reach Daman. As expected, Rashmi’s father is upset with Asif. However, Rashmi’s brother Deepak (Manu Rishi) and his wife Ashwini (Ashwini Kalsekar) do not see any problem in accepting Asif. Deepak does the song work in Jagrata.

In the neighborhood of Rashmi’s maiden house, there is a large empty plot, which is believed to be possessed by a ghost. Nobody goes there. One day Asif children take the children of the neighborhood to play in the plot, saying that the ghost is nothing. While stumping in the ground, some supernatural power is realized and the weather suddenly worsens. All the children run away in fear. Asif comes home.

After this, some supernatural power starts playing at home. When Rashmi’s mother gets worshiped at home, the existence of a soul is confirmed. Here, Asif’s movements start changing. When he is under the influence of spirit, he likes to wear red bangles. In the sari shop, he is fascinated by the red sari. Applying turmeric paste while bathing. However, when he regains consciousness, something pretends not to be missed. After some incident, Asif entered inside Asif, she tells that she is Lakshmi Kinnar and will not go back without taking her revenge.

If the help of a Pir Baba is taken to remove the shadow of ghosts from Asif, then Lakshmi’s backstory is known. A landmine, after seizing Lakshmi’s land illegally along with her family, killed Lakshmi and her childhood refugee Abdul Chacha and his retarded son, from whom Lakshmi takes revenge on Asif’s body. .

With this, the film’s story becomes focused on Lakshmi’s turn. With the help of Pir Baba, Asif gets rid of Lakshmi’s soul, but is so overwhelmed hearing Lakshmi’s story that he takes an unexpected step to complete her revenge at the climax. Akshay Kumar has tried his best to cover all the shortcomings of Lakshmi with poor and careless writing with his honest performance and energy and has made some parts worth watching. Kiara Advani has looked beautiful in the film and has been balanced in emotion.

The supporting cast of the film include strong actors like Rajesh Sharma and Manu Rishi, whose potential could not be fully utilized. However, these actors have performed their respective responsibilities within the boundaries of story and screenplay. The track with geomafia has been used in improvisation. The writers also did not pay much attention to that. Sharad Kelkar has done well in the role of the real Lakshmi. His role is small but important.

The biggest contradiction of Laxmi’s story is that the film, which started with the message of promoting scientific thinking to fight superstition, finally ends up coming to the orthodox idea of ​​faith in ghosts. The role of Asif’s character is through the best scene in the film, when he smashes through the chemistry of the hypocrisy of a demon-possessed Baba. After this scene, there is an expectation to see a great supernatural thriller, which remains the hope.

The argument in the story is also incomprehensible that the priest can confirm the existence of a ghost in the house, but cannot drive away. Only that power is with Pir Baba. The emotional scenes of the film are also ridiculous. The father, who was angry for three years after marrying his daughter in another religion, suddenly melts with a dialogue with Asif and the son-in-law starts liking him. The scenes of Pooja seeking a soul in the house include dialogue between mother-in-law Ratna and daughter-in-law Ashwini, and a hover-over.

It is usually shown that when a character enters a ghost his gesture and voice change, but here the entire getup changes with Asif’s voice and gesture. Asif’s dialogue in the film ‘If I see ghosts, I will wear bangles …’ I do not understand why. Perhaps to add to the character of Kinnar Lakshmi, but this line itself embodies an orthodox thinking.

Laxmi is a horror comedy, but does not scare. Yes, some scenes are definitely stunning. There is an attempt to create forced humor through dialogues. Barring a few scenes, the dialogues of Farhad Samji, Sparsh Khetrapal and Tasha Bhabra are very light. The use of slang and poor rhyme in English words creates a sense of disillusionment over humor.


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