Language of technology ahead of the beaten


What will happen to Hindi? When the giants of the world of literature were sharing their articles on the concern of Hindi in a newspaper and magazine on social media, then at the same time, the new media on Facebook and the political, social and cultural journalist of the new era, J. Sushil (Sushil) Kumar Jha) was in front of people with his proposal that they want to bring their articles on payment basis. According to Sushil, the paid subscription will be for a year and will have 52 posts. That is, there will be a post every week and will be longer. Within seven minutes of placing the subscription link, three people became their customers.

Sushil currently lives in the US and said that his paid posts include books, movies, documentaries, American life, occasional Indian politics, some art-related posts, how to read books or some voyeur posts like Fact and Value. There will be thick arguments. In his paid articles, he also talked about adding young professor of IIIT Delhi.

Sushil writes in his post, ‘You all will start a new type on Facebook with paid subscriptions. I don’t know if anyone in India is doing this or not. ‘ The interesting fact is that many people paid the post as stipend for many students who wanted to read Sushil. However, when contacted, Sushil said that my paid post is not an issue of Hindi or any language. The issue is that people are unhappy with bad content and want to read good content even by paying money.

In fact, in the last two decades, the Internet gave a new platform to the people of the whole world, then Hindi speakers also came on this platform and proved that Hindi can fulfill the needs of new times with success. When an entire structure started to stand, then Google and Microsoft brought Unicode. In the linguistic sense of Google, ‘Bihari’ is an independent language.

There are ‘hanging’ is also acceptable. The point to be understood here is that even the greatest emphasis of technology can neither disregard the power of speech and language nor can there be any alternative to it in any way. Talking about information technology alone, it tried many such uses of linguistic possibilities, in which we were completely familiar with our own language.

Alam is that two-three decades ago, scholars who were claiming through their articles in big newspapers and journals that the new network of technology would end the expression and autonomous character of the language, through these mediums today, From saving the democracy of the world to creating effective opposition to racism and gender struggle, logical discussions are being made.

The placards in the hands of thousands of people who have landed on the streets of Egypt, Britain, many European Union countries and America are the new signs of change in the new times. Not only this, the light of the candles burning in their hands is a belief that human beings and their concerns can be ignored in any particular situation, but not rejected.


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