Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 11 June 2021 Episode Written Update (11/06/2021)

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti Tv Show Written Updates

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Zee TV Serial Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 11 June 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Samaira Provokes Kuldeep Against Harsh And Shubhra

Air Date: 11 June 2021

Full Written Update: Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 11/06/2021 Episode Start with

harsh have his morning meal with Shubhra’s family. Around then Samaira comes there alongside Kuldeep. She takes a gander at Harsh and smiles. She ponders Shubhra and Harsh relationship and affects Kuldeep about her character. He rejects her faults and clears her misconception. He causes her to comprehend that Harsh is only Rishi’s specialist, while she denies to trust him.

Samaira moves towards Harsh and presents herself. He sees her being confounded and afterward request that she go along with them however she denies the offer. She in a roundabout way insults Shubhra. She states about Shubhra’s issue with Harsh and gets soothed that now they will save Kuldeep. She praises Harsh making him more befuddled. She taunts Shubhra’s character, while Shubhra gets disappointed with her and request that she leave.

Samaira pour some juice and murmers about Shubhra’s new darling. She gives the juice to Harsh to invite him to the family. He stands up and takes the beverage. He gives a befitting answer expressing that he would prefer not to ruin his family supper due to a more peculiar like Samaira. She seethe and leaves from that point, while Shubhra’s family gets dazzled by him. He guidance Shubhra not to ruin her mind-set because of undesirable people groups.

Ahead, Kuldeep chastens Samaira for her evil conduct. She kisses his cheeks to make him quiet. He shakes his head in dismay. She reminds him about his words when he said that his children can’t improve mother then Shubhra. He prompts him against Harsh and Shubhra’s relationship expressing about their family breakfast. She inquire as to why Harsh is consistently around Shubhra? While Kuldeep gets into speculation. She takes Kuldeep inside with herself.

Phirki ties Roli’s eyes, while she questions that what Samaira have sended her? Phirki takes off the dress from Roli’s eyes making her amazed by serving the quick food sources. Roli gets energized and begins eating it. Around then Shubhra comes there alongside Harsh and gets stunned seeing Phirki.

She chastens and cautions her to leave. Phirki goes out strongly, while Roli yells at Shubhra. Shubhra gives the morning meal to Harsh and request that he eat, Roli sees this from the edge of her eyes and grabs the food from them. She eats it, while Shubhra feels loose.

Somewhere else, Samaira breaks ber telephone being restless. She whines to Kuldeep about Shubhra’s doing. He attempts to keep away from her being baffled by her activities. Samaira educates him concerning the episode and afterward lies expressing that Shubhra was causing Harsh to eat by he hands. She intigates him against Shubhra and says that she needs to separated Kuldeep from his children life. He gets fretful and leaves from that point.

Narayan acclaims Harsh recollecting his faceoff to Samaira. He shares about Harsh and Shubhra’s relationship with Madhura, while she cautions him expressing that assuming Shubhra catches wind of it, she will begin separating herself from Harsh. Narayan request that she make Shubhra comprehend, as she have for what seems like forever ahead. Kuldeep hears their discussion and gets into intuition.

Further, Shubhra and Harsh gets crashed into one another. Books tumbles from their hands, while Harsh aides Shubhra to gets it. She shows her appreciation towards his assistance and apologizes for Samaira’s conduct.

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