Kundali Bhagya 22 June 2021 Episode Written Update (22/06/2021)

Kundali Bhagya Written Updates

Kundali Bhagya 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update, Zee TV Serial Kundali Bhagya 22 June 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Preeta And Shristhi Are Able To Take The Proof Against Sherlin From Akshay’s Room

Air Date: 22 June 2021

Full Written Update: Kundali Bhagya 22/06/2021 Episode Start with

Megha inquires as to whether Sherlin thinks she is idiotic as though she gives her the verification then, at that point would not have the option to get the cash, Sherlin is incensed shouting she additionally has a place with Akshay’s group so who realizes she probably won’t erase the evidence, Megha pushes her, so she drops the sack which makes a commotion.

Preeta and Shristhi get stunned to hear the clamor, she shouts that it is a similar room wherein Akshay was killed so how did the lease it out so effectively as in such situation even the police doesnot permit this, the server answers they had to on the grounds that a few visitors were demanding of taking the specific room, Preeta inquires as to whether he saw the ladies in the lodging the night Akshay was murder, he anyway leaves declining to acknowledge that he saw Sherlin.

Sherlin questions for what reason is Megha feeling so exceptionally aggravated as she talked reality, Akshay was coercing her and made her video with Prithvi, she saw the manner in which he used to regard Kritika as he even turned her hand yet she figured what does she need to think often about what occurs in his life, Megha inquires as to for what reason does she attempt to go about as though she is unadulterated, Sherlin inquires as to for what reason is he continually viewing at the pack as she has never seen a particularly colossal sum, she requests that Megha take the sack in the wake of ensuring that each confirmation which she has against her is erased, and she would likewise need to send a book clarifying that all the evidence which she had against Sherlin were bogus. Megha takes the pack adages he is truly smart so how might she talk as she won’t chop down the tree as she isn’t so inept, Sherlin anyway says that she isn’t the one to be coerced the remainder of her lives, she would not give her the cash if Megha doesnot erase the verification, Sherlin taking the sack goes to leave inquiring as to whether Megha makes certain to not erase the recording.

Preet and Shristhi furtively go into the room, Shristhi is concerned considering how might somebody leave the entryway open, Preeta demands her to not pose the inquiries as they need to look for the confirmation, Shristhi questions what verification does she need when her to look, Preeta says she shouts to be truly smart and should look for the evidence, Preeta is stunned as she discovers the pregnancy report of Sherlin, the two of them can’t help thinking about the thing is it doing in Akshay’s room, Shristhi makes reference to in the event that she recalls the letter which they found in Sherlin’s room yet now they can be certain on account of the evidence which they have found in his room, Preeta anyway shouts they must be certain and ought to get the fingerprints report from the letter. They hear somebody is in the washroom, so take cover behind the entryway stressing somebody is coming out, Akshay’s mom opens the entryway contemplating whether Megha has returned yet when she goes to the restroom, Shristhi and Preeta both surge out of the room.

Sherlin goes into the room in the evening, she thinks Rishab has returned yet it is Prithvi who questions where did she go as he has been hanging tight for her yet she doesnot need to chat with him anyway he cautions her to not show mentality, he attempts to overwhelm her yet she begins pounding his neck uncovering he isn’t her Prithvi, as he is presently separated among Preeta and Kritika, she at this point don’t needs him since she needs to do everything alone, she requested that he assist her with getting the adornments however he didn’t and in any event, when she requested that he take the cash to Megha, he rejected she is choking him so he quits breathing shutting his eyes, she gets frightened so assists him with sitting up.

Sherlin gives him the glass of water addressing for what reason did he not retaliate, he answers that he was a swimming boss so can pause his breathing for two minutes, he makes reference to he was kidding yet the solitary explanation he didn’t retaliate on the grounds that he realizes that it was his flaw, she must be furious with him thus realizes he truly adores her, he just went with Kritika to fill a custom yet was just thinking about her, she yields so shouts her affection for him.

Prithvi questions what occurred as she went to meet Megha, Sherlin specifies that she wouldn’t erase the recording, Prithvi is diminished that she had the option to get the recording, Sherlin inquires as to whether he isn’t tuning in as Megha wouldn’t give it, he questions what happened then, at that point, she makes reference to she asked her to likewise compose a book to demonstrate that all the recording she had against her was bogus, Prithvi is stunned that she thought about the future, Sherlin answers Megha was as yet not prepared to give up the confirmation, she then, at that point compromised her with a weapon, prithvi in stun takes it out from the sack inquiring as to whether she truly went with it, Sherlin uncovers she constrained Megha to send her the content as now Preeta would not have the option to tie both of them to the homicide and they will be free, while Karan would spoil in prison.

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