Kundali Bhagya 21st March 2023 Episode Written Update (21/3/2023)

Kundali Bhagya Written Updates

Kundali Bhagya 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update, Zee TV “Kundali Bhagya 21 March 2023 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.TKundali Bhagya

Episode Name: Preeta is rushed to the hospital

Kundali Bhagya Air Date: Kundali Bhagya 21st March 2023

Full Written Update: Kundali Bhagya 21/3/2023 Episode Start with Rakhi illuminates Karina that she is feeing downright peculiar, Karina asks what does she mean, Rakhi answers she is feeling as though something exceptionally terrible will happen to a truly near her, person, she makes sense of she was coming towards the Mandir and out of nowhere felt as though something wrong is going to occur and that made her hit the Thali, Karina says she is right as something awful is clearly going to happen yet not with her family rather her foe, she indignantly focuses to Nidhi. Once more rakhi makes sense of she is feeling exactly the same thing, Rakhi appeals to Bhagwan that nothing out of sorts ought to occur.

Rajveer asks them to promptly call the specialist as his auntie is truly will, Shristhi additionally comes running asking what has happened however at that point Preeta falls oblivious, Shristhi demands Bipin to call the specialist, in the mean time requests that Rajveer take her sister to the house. Shristhi questions how did her sister get in such a condition, the ladies there illuminate she attempted to stop the wedding in view of which thought she is deranged, thus they simply maintained that her should stop this franticness. Shristhi furiously inquires as to whether they are attempting to say her sister is mental, they illuminate she was not paying attention to anybody and got moved unintentionally, Shristhi slaps the individual and breaking the seats makes sense of even she has pushed them however this doensot mean she is likewise insane, that’s what shristhi cautions assuming that anybody of them even attempts to say anything off-base about her sister, she would doubtlessly show them a thing or two. Shristhi leaving makes sense of her sister was right as there is compelling reason need to get hitched on the grounds that marriage simply winds up demolishing the existence of the young lady.

Rajveer while embracing Preeta is continually requesting help anyway nobody is halting, Shristhi additionally races to them, she likewise begins requesting lift yet nobody is halting. Shristhi then compels one off the vehicle to quit, mentioning the driver to take them to the worldwide emergency clinic, she sits at the secondary lounge with Rajveer, the two of them demand Preeta to awaken in the interim Rajveer likewise requests that the driver be somewhat quick. Once more shristhi thinks Rajveer remained truly quiet in this whole circumstance and doesn’t realize that the individual for whom he is caring so a lot is really his genuine mother, Shristhi makes sense of that in this impacting world the kids could do without their folks yet he is really focusing on his mom, Rajveer questions what is she talking about since Preeta is his auntie, Shristhi answers that she has heard him say a ton of times that Preeta is very much like his mom so she additionally said it, she says he should continuously deal with Preeta on the off chance that something happens to her, Rajveer inquires as to for what reason is she talking like this, he demands the driver to be somewhat quick.

Shristhi requests the driver to prevent right at the entry from the medical clinic, she trains Gautham to call the ward young men, they generally rush Preeta inside on the cot and ask the attendant where is the specialist, the woman enters making sense of it is her night shift and she is additionally going to help. Preeta calls Karan.

Karan is driving the vehicle while Rishab is sitting in the front seat, Rishab sees that Karan isn’t focusing so requests that he be cautious, but Karan doesn’t answer so Rishab is compelled to turn the guiding wheel, Rishab asks what has happened when Karan illuminates that Preeta called him. The travelers of the other vehicle thump on the entryway requesting they ought to emerge, Rishab promptly begins saying ‘sorry’ guaranteeing he will cover the bill of their vehicle, they all leave. Rishab inquires as to whether he is fine, illuminating they are going to back to their home, Karan says that the business supper is significant anyway Rishab isn’t prepared to hear anything thus even calls the supervisor requesting that he apologize with the clients for his benefit. Karan is as yet declining to tune in yet is constrained when Rishab urges him. He sits in the driving seat asking Karan what has occurred.

Shristhi and Rajveer call the specialist while running with the cot, the specialist coming asks how she got such an extreme injury, Rajveer illuminates what is happening when Preeta came to the tent and attempted to stop the wedding, the medical caretaker expresses that nothing remains to be stressed over as his mom would be fine. Shristhi sees that Rajveer is truly strained, and he leaves.

Rishab is helping Karan into the room, Rakhi coming inquiries what has befallen him, Karan illuminates that he is fine anyway Rishab revels it is the normal aggravation, Nidhi likewise goes into the room inquiring as to whether he is fine, he guarantees pretty much nothing remains to be stressed over when Rakhi says that Karan has begun taking pressures once again little things, Nidhi turns mentioning Rakhi mother to quit expressing such things as Karan is as of now sick and she is about to exacerbate it, Rishab is angry anyway says nothing. Rakhi answers that Karan is her child, Nidhi says when is she saying that Karan isn’t her child yet she is trying to say that they can resist the urge to panic. Nidhi calls Garesh educating him to bring the medication.

Rishab turning requests that Nidhi come outside as he needs to chat with her, Rakhi stops him saying that his dad has a serious stomach torment since yesterday so he ought to call Dr Anand about the medication, Rishab goes to furiously take a gander at Nidhi prior to leaving, she tells Karan that the medication is simply coming. Rakhi additionally attempts to call him anyway Nidhi trains her to hush up.

Karan while dozing feels as though Preeta is close by rubbing his head, she takes out the salve which she is going to apply, he says he doensot like it when Preeta answers that nobody likes it anyway they need it, he actually will not permit it. Preeta specifies she can in any case knead his brow, Karan begins grinning seeing Preeta close by and begins unwinding, he makes reference to she was right as the cerebral pain is totally relieved, he at last nods off when Preeta bows to kiss her. Karan unexpectedly awakens hearing Nidhi shouting the name of Garesh, Nidhi strolls to Karan requesting that Rakhi get aside, she makes sense of that nothing would occur with the blanket as they need to give her the medication, she says it would be better assuming that Rakhi leaves the room yet Karan requests that Nidhi stay tranquil as he is as of now enduring, Rakhi makes sense of that she would give Karan the turmeric milk which promptly fixes his cerebral pain she looks for consent to bring the it. Nidhi shouts at Garesh for bringing some unacceptable medication, Karan indeed calls her when she leaves saying she would herself bring the medication.

Rajveer plunks down on the seat when Shristhi asks what has occurred and for what good reason is he crying, Rajveer makes sense of he can’t see Preeta auntie in this condition, he requests that she perceive how much blood she has lost. Rajveer makes sense of that he feels torment in his heart seeing the state of his auntie, Rajveer furiously promises to show everybody a thing or two, swearing on the existence of his mom and takes steps to kill everybody similarly as his auntie recuperates. Shristhi hollers at him to quit inquiring as to whether this is what they have shown him, she says he needs to turn into a lawbreaker and likes to go to prison.

Rajveer says he will go to prison since he is stunned from within at whatever point something like this occurs, he says each kid would feel something similar for their auntie. Shristhi thinks this feeling occurs for their mom and Preeta di isn’t his auntie yet mother. Rajveer requests that Shristhi answer who concurs making sense of this unquestionably occurs, the neighbor emerges so Rajveer inquires as to whether his auntie is fine, she illuminates there has been enormous blood lost and she needs to orchestrate the blood, Shristhi and Rajveer both are stunned.

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