Kundali Bhagya 16th Jan 2020 Episode Written Update (16/1/2020)


Kundali Bhagya 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Zee Tv Serial “Kundali Bhagya 16 January 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Maira Injures Herself While Trying To Push Preeta

Air Date: 16 January 2020

Full Written Update: Kundali Bhagya 16/1/2020 Episode Start with Preeta is walking around the street she is in her own one of a kind examinations pondering how it felt when Karan saved her from falling, she can’t vanquish the assessments which she has when karan is around her, she can’t get a handle on it, Sherlin and Maira are keeping it together for her in the vehicle, Sherlin sees her by then explains that she uncovered to Maira that Preeta would take a comparative course so she can see that she is coming, Maira is going to turn anyway Sherlin explains that she should see from the side view reflect, Maira says that she knows why Preeta is so happy and it must be a consequence of Karan, Sherlin calls her enrolled goon explaining that he should hit her when she walks Infront of his truck, he promises her that everything will be according to design, when Preeta walks Infront he explains that he has started the truck and will right now murder her, when he Is going to hit her just then a youngster comes in with her ball, so she gets out from the road, the truck driver explains that he will return in the wake of taking a u turn.

Preeta unveils to the kid that she should play in the ground, by then she gets some data about her mother, the kid demands that she needs a sweet floss so Preeta agrees to get her a fresh one, the driver explains that he can’t kill her until she is as an untimely idea path regardless if someone pushes her all over the place, by then he can execute her, Sherlin says to Maira that she ought to be the one to do this as she expected to render retaliation from Preeta which is the explanation Sherlin assented to help her, Maira walks around Preeta, Sherlin considers taking her on a phone call, by then contemplates that it would be better in case she makes a video as it would infer that if and when Maira endeavors to double-cross her, by then she would show her the video and it would suggest that Maira would reliably fill in as if she is her slave.

Karan is pressurizing Risahb to not go to Canada and organize the show in India, Rishab explains that it is past the domain of creative mind as it is gotten ready for another country so he would return in three days, Karina says that Karan is simply doing this with the objective that he can ensure that Risahb doesn’t go to Canada, Risahb takes everyone’s acclaim and sets off. Sherlin explains that the truck driver hit Maira and fled, Shrishti endeavors to get him, Preeta checks the beat by then explains that she is simply unaware in this manner they should call a salvage vehicle, Sherlin varies saying that it would require some venture so they should place her in Sherlin vehicle.

Janki approaches Bi jee for what reason Sarla is so enraged, Bi jee explains that she is worried considering the way that Preeta has gone to the Luthra house, janki explains that she is continually focused and takes pressure, Sarla comes saying that it’s definitely not a little issue as the Luthra’s have reliably annoyed her in any occasion, when she was basically endeavoring to help them all, Janki promises her that it would not be the circumstance any more drawn out as Preeta now has the abilities to manage them all, Sarla explodes inquisitive about whether she suggests that Preeta is a frustrated kind of an individual, Bi jee responds to the case explaining this isn’t what Janki inferred, Janki then explains that she suggested that Preeta has gone to the Luthra house as expert Preeta and she was the individual who saved them in the anteroom and moreover managed Dadi so they will never again slight her, Sarla in any case feels focused on explaining that the particular family reliably ignores her even she for the most part manages them, Sarla makes reference to that she endeavored to unveil to Maira that Karan is genuinely not a conventional individual so she should withdraw from the marriage anyway Maira didn’t focus on her words in any occasion, when both of them are expressing that she is an astute person.

Sarla asks concerning whether they have much else to state since she understands that Maira couldn’t care less for her and before it was just Karina who hated her so she is asking that nothing happens to Preeta. Preeta brings Maira to the crisis center she requires the authority, Sherlin is feeling that her game plan detonated in reverse and now if Maira says anything which is against her, by then it would annihilate her home, the master comes to whom Preeta requests that he should give the best treatment to the hurt individual as she most likely knows her eventually, Sherlin ponders what she ought to do to thwart Preeta from coming. Shrishti sees how Sherlin is looking, she implores her to not see Preeta like this at which Sherlin explodes and leaves. Shrishti ponders that whether she had not landed at the road on time then Preeta would be the individual who may have been hurt.

Dadi asks as to for what reason did she not come, Karina explains that they have gone for shopping so it would require some venture, Rakhi explains that she is talking off Preeta, Karina makes reference to that she would not come, there is a ring on the doorbell, Rakhi envisions that it is Preeta yet when she opens the passage Ramona enters with a lot of totes, she explains that she obtained something for everyone as the shop had a beautiful combination. They all are genuinely focused on, Ramona asks the clarification, Karina explains that the physiotherapist has not appeared, Ramona comprehends that they are talking of Preeta, she requests Rakhi to not give her entrance the house until the finish of time.

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