Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2021 Episode Written Update (30/12/2021)

kumkum bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 30th December 2021 Written Episode Update, Zee Tv “Kumkum Bhagya 30th December Written Update” on TellyUpdates.

Episode Name: Prachi Ruins Rhea’s Plan

Air Date: 30th December 2021

Full Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 30/12/2021 Episode Start with Rhea says I don’t have to hear our life reasoning and says I will let you know the reality says we are hitched and your folks love me and respects me like their bahu. She says Prachi had admitted and came here to feel you dismissed. Ranbir asks what do you mean. Rhea says she don’t have the foggiest idea about the thought process behind her words and requests that he discover. Shahana comes there. Rhea says did you hear us. Shahana says no. She says I came to watch out for my great sister’s awful sister. Rhea asks her to simply get out.

Prachi comes there and requests that she keep her finger save and says how might you make Ranbir dance. She says on the off chance that I contort my finger then, at that point, will request that you get out. She says I have such a lot of outrage in myself. Rhea requests that she ask her purported sister to avoid her. Shahana says I neglected to call out to you by you. Rhea asks what did you name me new. Prachi says I named you sautan. She says in the event that you was my sister then, at that point, wouldn’t have turned into my sautan. Rhea says Ranbir was consistently mine and you came in the middle of us.

Prachi says on the off chance that your affection was honest then I wouldn’t have divided you both. Rhea shows her mangalsutra which Ranbir made her wear. Prachi gives her final proposal to gather her pack and says you will leave in 2 days now. Rhea says you will leave before me tomorrow. She requests that she appreciate today being the last day and start the new life. She requests that Shahana handle her and goes. Prachi asks Shahana not to become furious.

Aaliya shows the server to Rhea and says he is Harish and will give drink to Prachi. She requests that Rhea add the tablet and make it exceptional. Rhea adds the medication in the beverage. Aaliya says you will get the cash once you accomplish our work. Rhea says Prachi will drink. Server guarantees her. Rhea says Prachi will sign on the papers as I have given her final offer that today is the final evening for her here. Aaliya says once she signs no one can save her.

Shahana requests that Prachi make a wish. Prachi makes a wish that her youngster is conceived sound and harmed the ones who hurt her. Ranbir wants for Prachi’s joy. Shahana lets Prachi know that she has an inclination that Ranbir loves and really focuses on you and so forth Prachi asks how is Sarita aunt. Ranbir inquires as to why one sister thinks me right and other sister thinks me wrong.

Prachi says it is an impression of two eyes what is dawn for somebody is dusk for other. She says it isn’t Shahana’s slip-up as she prefers you. Shahana says I am not saying this as I am affected by him. prachi says it is his quality to trick others. He says your words hurt me. Prachi says your words has given me the injury. Ranbir says you are discussing the battle which happened one month prior and inquires as to whether her agony will get less.

He says my misconception will be cleared that you care for me. Prachi says first you double-cross me and presently lying. She says assuming that you don’t have my number then, at that point, how could you reach me. She says I need to heard Rhea and says she said that she has mangalsutra and sindoor of your name. She says I have right on those things. Ranbir says I… Prachi says you got hitched to Rhea and was sitting tight for wedding night. Ranbir says I didn’t know about the wedding night and says I truly didn’t have any desire to wed Rhea or any other individual. Prachi says don’t give me pardons that somebody took steps to pass on and that is the reason you concurred.

Ranbir says when you know my circumstance why are you accusing me as I have done a wrongdoing. Prachi says you have done a wrongdoing. He says OK I have done a wrongdoing and says you had any idea how Rhea is and threatened to self destruction in the event that I don’t wed her and afterward she will put me and my family in the slammer. He says I don’t have any decision left and didn’t deceive you and thought for my family.

Prachi says you have demonstrated that I was never your family you pondered everybody except not with regards to me. She is going to go. Pallavi comes there and calls Prachi. She says you shouldn’t have come in the party at the lead position and when you have come you can’t leave the party. She requests that she converse with Ranbir remaining here and asks her not to leave the party. She takes a gander at Rhea and Aaliya. Server brings juice there. Ranbir requests that she drink to get some energy to reprove him. He takes the beverage and provides for Prachi. Rhea trusts Prachi drinks it.

Aaliya says she will give as Ranbir gave her the juice. Prachi is going to taste the juice. Ranbir says do you recollect that they used to go out and have squeezed orange. Prachi says she would rather avoid it and is adversely affected by it. She requests that Harish bring mango juice. Shahana asks what is happening here. Ranbir asks Prachi for what valid reason she needs to destroy their great recollections.

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