Kumkum Bhagya 21st Nov 2019 Episode Written Update (21/11/2019)

kumkum bhagya written update

Kumkum Bhagya 21st November 2019 Written Episode Update, Zee Tv Serial “Kumkum Bhagya 21 November 2019 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Abhi And Pragya’s Relation Get Affected By The Case

Air Date: 21 November 2019

Full Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 21/11/2019 Episode Start with The Episode begins with Inspector disclosing to Abhi that such cases are touchy and the outcome is stunning. Abhi inquires as to whether Rishi won’t be captured. Pragya says no. Abhi says you are supporting a crook. Pragya says he is definitely not a lawbreaker, our legal advisor is coming. Attorney comes there and reveals to Inspector that he is Rishi’s legal advisor. Abhi discloses to Pragya that he needs to converse with her. The lodging staff part takes Priyanka to the lodging. Priyanka says second rate study hall and switches on TV to check for her news, yet nothing comes. She says Abhishek Mehra’s niece dead body is missing, individuals should see riddle in this, yet there is no news.

She thinks what’s going on, Rishi isn’t captured. She thinks she has accomplished such a great deal arranging and result is zero. She thinks to hold up till night and figures she won’t be overlooked being Abhi’s niece. She says after Rishi is rebuffed, she will make a section as Ghajini and will pretended memory misfortune. She believes Rishi’s life will be demolished at that point and he is a major trick and paying with his life for not wedding her.Abhi takes Pragya to a lodge and tells that Rishi attacked Priyanka and constrained her to perpetrate suicide and inquires as to why she is supporting a crook.

Pragya says I comprehend your emotions, outrage and disappointment. He says she isn’t only my niece, however my obligation, what I will reply to her Dadi. Pragya says you are mixed up and Priyanka is something different infront of you. She tells that it is demonstrated in court and tells that all the observer were against her. Much the same as she called Rishi in the lodge that day and today she did this. Abhi says I figured you will be with me. Pragya says I am remaining with you, however you generally remain with wrong and see me far away from you. Abhi blows up and leave. Pragya figures she can’t give anything incorrectly a chance to occur with Rishi, thinks Sarita behen has upheld her and her little girls in disturbed occasions.

She thinks Rishi is honest and she will bolster her.Priyanka’s Dadi calls Suwarni Dadi and tells that Priyanka didn’t arrive at home and her telephone is ringing. Abhi gets back home. Meera discloses to him that Priyanka didn’t arrive at home. Dadi asks Abhi to converse with Priyanka’s Dadi Manjeet. Manjeet Dadi asks Abhi where did Priyanka go? Abhi says I will discover and asks her not to take pressure. Manjeet Dadi requests that he discover and call her. Abhi says I will consider aircraft and parts of the bargains. Suwarni Dadi inquires as to whether anything happens to Priyanka then what we will say to Manjeet. Abhi asks her not to take strain and goes to his room. Meera thinks in the event that he has a contention with Pragya and he is looking so genuinely pained.Pragya watches out of the window and thinks about Abhi’s words.

Abhi likewise considers her and takes a gander at her pic and tells that you are again against me, leave from me and get against me on return. Pragya says you thought me wrong, I am not against you, yet remaining with truth. Abhi says you thought me wrong consistently. Pragya says you never get me. Jo Bheji thi Dua plays… … Abhi and Pragya cry in their particular rooms. Jo bheji thi dua keeps on playing… ..Pragya says you said that we won’t be influenced with this issue, yet why it is influencing now. Abhi says I said that this case won’t influence us, yet… .Ranbir and Aryan go to the corridor and see Abhi dozing on the lounge chair. Ranbir says we didn’t have a clue about that you are here. Vikram comes there.

Abhi says his neck is tormenting. Aryan tells that we were coming and somebody called him great kid and he needs to be trouble maker. Abhi asks Ranbir to be great kid and asks him not to change. He says I changed from terrible to useful for somebody, however she didn’t esteem it. He asks him not to change and tells that he was thinking throughout the night and says they will never show signs of change for anybody. Vikram says appears as though something had occurred with him and he is feeling harmed. Ranbir says he is correct that we will not change and stay as we may be. He says he is setting off for college and says bye.Pragya considers Abhi telling that Priyanka kicked the bucket as Rishi offended her.

Rishi returns home and sees Pragya in considerations and says sorry, says you are in a difficult situation as a result of me. Pragya asks him not to think all that and says issue won’t be tackled along these lines and gets some information about his Nani. She says in the event that something incorrectly occurs, at that point what will occur with her. She requests that he say thanks to God that nothing more awful occurred. She says Priyanka needs to destroy your life, calling it as adoration. Rishi says how you confide in me, we met only barely any months back. Pragya advises that her heart advises whom to accept and whom to not and tells that Priyanka won’t be tranquil and will accomplish something. Sarita behen comes and gets some information about. Prachi comes there and tells that Shahana is wearing my garments and ruining it. Shahana comes there wearing Prachi’s garments.

Prachi says at whatever point you wear my garments, it tears to a great extent. Shahana says you called me fat. Pragya requests that they embrace her. Prachi asks would you say you are having fever? Pragya says slight and goes to bring lunch box. Sarita behen requests that they shake hands and quit battling. Rishi thinks they are great family and I am fortunate to call them as my family.Priyanka goes to the gathering and inquires as to why the paper hasn’t go to my room. Assistant requests that her think this cabin as the inn and says just waste paper comes here to wipe the things. Priyanka takes paper purchased by the assistant and pays her cash. She inquires as to whether my twin sister Priyanka came here.

The secretary says no. Priyanka thinks in the event that you see my pic, at that point will feel that she is my twin sister. Aryan reveals to Ranbir that he didn’t think about today. Ranbir says I didn’t think about as well. Aryan says you get great checks consistently. Ranbir says I comprehend and don’t learn. The school companions tell that Dheeraj Thakkar is in emergency clinic and genuine. Ranbir asks what befell him. Priyanka look through her news in the paper and tosses it indignantly. She says Abhi’s niece has no worth and thinks to spread her very own news.

Precap will be included later.

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