Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21 September 2021 Episode Written Update (21/09/2021)

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv “Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st September 2021 Written Update” on

Episode Name: Sonakshi Sees Sanjana Standing Infront Of Dev’s Wardrobe

Air Date: 21st September 2021

Full Written Update: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21/09/2021 Episode Start with  Sanjana goes into the room of Dev sir, she is hypnotized by the things and goes directly to take a gander at the suits of Dev, Sonakshi goes into the room addressing what she is doing here. At some point prior Ishwari asks Sanjana who is she and what is this load of stuff, Radha clarifies that Dev has sent the inexpensive food for her Varth and surprisingly the things that she requested the pooja, she inclining to Ishwari clarifies that Sanjana doesnot resemble a conveyance young lady, Sanjana uncovers she is a worker of Dev sir and is really the main planner, Ishwari then, at that point, invites her enticing her into the house, Sanjana can’t take her eyes off the house.

Ishwari asks what befell her feet, Sanjana clarifies that she hurt feet, Ishwari sits with Sanjana, she inquires as to whether this load of things are according to her necessities, Ishwari is truly astonished so questions how could she realize how to get them, Sanjana clarifies her mom additionally used to do all the pooja yet she saw a shop close to the workplace anyway didn’t want to get them from here on the grounds that there was a meat shop close by, she then, at that point, saw the name of the shop on the rundown so with the assistance of the driver purchased this load of things from that specific shop. Saurabh and Ronita are leaving, she clarifies that until they return Alena will deal with Mishti and he should not be stressed over.

Bijoy asks Saurabh what did he do about the present, Saurabh answers he purchased the one which had the option to manage, Bijoy stops him, taking out the wallet gives him some cash saying he should purchase something decent for his companion as he is giving a major party so what might he feel that Saurabh is such a minimizer, Saurabh grinning leaves in the wake of embracing Bijoy, the new PG shouts that occasionally Bijoy chastens him while now and then he is so pleasant, Bijoy clarifies that he would not comprehend until he is himself a dad, Bijoy questions in the event that he has a sweetheart yet when the new PG says he is as yet single, Bijoy answers he would not have any sweetheart until he keeps this hair style.

PG prods Bijoy saying he is envious of the hair style which is the reason he is saying this, Bijoy threatens to himself consume his peculiar hair style. Ishwari offers Sanjana some sound multi grain roll then, at that point, additionally makes reference to that this is hand crafted, she clarifies that the ladies of this age don’t favor it and she is just saying this is on the grounds that this more youthful age don’t lean toward such slick food, Sanjana answers she anyway believes the custom made food to be awesome, as she truly cherished them, Radha imagines that she has come to be the central young lady in making individuals like them, Ishwari asks where is her mom, Sanjana answers that she is no more, Ishwari clarifies she should not be strained as Dev consistently believes his staff to be his own family and since now she has come into their home so they are likewise her family.

Shuv accompanies a ball, Ishwari shouts that little Dev has come, he tosses a ball towards Sanjana which she gets, she inquires as to whether he would turn into her companion, he clarifies she should play a game with him which his mom has put higher up, she goes with him into the room, Sanjana is stunned to see it is the room of Dev, Shuv opens the closet pointing towards the game which is at the back, she takes it out when Sonakshi comes addressing what’s going on. Sanjana is stunned to see her, she clarifies that Shuv carried her into the room when she didn’t realize that it was her room, Sonakshi anyway says that she is the person who expected to apologize as she was high impaired thus expressed that load of horrendous things.

Sanjana answers there is no need since she talked reality and she ought not call so late for the workplace related issue, Ishwari additionally comes asking what are they doing since the tea would get cold, Ishwari specifies how Sanjana brought every one of the things recorded in the basic food item, Sonakshi questions for what reason would she bring them, Sanjana answers that it was on the grounds that Dev sir left his wallet in the workplace so she considered presenting to them all. Sanjana is with Sonakshi ground floor when Shuv comes however he is going to fall, Sanjana figures out how to save him, Sonakshi perceiving how she is herself harmed expresses gratitude toward her for saving Shuv, Sanjana specifies that there is no need since she is presently a companion of Shuv, companions will in general secure one another.

Dev and Sonakshi both stroll with Sanjana to show her the exit plan, she intentionally contacts Dev’s hand, strolling next to him she thinks how it was a fantasy to go to his home, she makes reference to there is no compelling reason to come as she can oversee herself, Sanjana while sitting in the vehicle thinks how she never figured she would go gaga for him, she has made it into his home, before long would likewise ensure he is with her in all parts of life. Toward the beginning of the day Sonakshi is concerned since the kids have not pressed anything she calls them and is additionally stunned to see Dev isn’t clean, so begins revising him, he pulls her nearer when she questions what he is doing since Maa and kids are both truly close, the two of them smell something then, at that point, acknowledging it is of Halwa race to the kitchen.

Dev questions her what she is doing, Ishwari answers she is making this for Sanjana as she was herself harmed however and still, after all that, brought the things for the varth and Pooja, she considered making this for her since she is a vagrant. Sanjana is preparing when Rena accompanies every last bit of her sends, Sanjana expresses gratitude toward her yet she gets strained when she can’t discover the letter of the Merchant, she considers the B a G asking what did they guaranteed, saying she would doubtlessly get the letter before 8 however they guarantee her she would get it, Rena asks what kind of thing is in that letter, Sanjana answers it is a significant thing for which she came to Mumbai yet life has something different which is the reason she met Dev and presently she is truly sitting tight for that letter.

Ishwari requests that Dev give her the halwa similarly as he arrives at the workplace, he likewise requests that she pack some for him, Ishwari questions does he need to say this, she even packs for him when Sonakshi asks Maa how can she realize Sanjana might want the Halwa, Ishwari clarifies Sonakshi wasn’t sure how she was eating her hand crafted dish, she realizes Sanjana would likewise like the Halwa, Ishwari begins preparing the lunch boxes for the kids, Ishwari says that assuming Dev is occupied, she can likewise call her, Ishwari clarifies that it is simply Sonakshi doesnot realize how to purchase the things as she never kept any Varth, Sonakshi discloses there isn’t anything to stress over since she would learn it. Ishwari grins figuring Sonakshi may likewise be figuring out how to turn into a decent little girl in law from the specialist.

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