Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16 July 2021 Episode Written Update (16/07/2021)

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv “Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16 July 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Ishwari Unknowingly Starts Ignoring Soha

Air Date: 16 July 2021

Full Written Update: Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16/07/2021 Episode Start with Dev calls her name however Ishwari answers he is her grandkid and has come interestingly so she would successfully invite him, Dev answers he has even arranged some new furnishings yet Ishwari answers that there is no need, she requests that Sonakshi come, Aayush is stunned to see the enormous house and every one of the rooms. Ishwari in fervor says she has set the bed and furthermore the books are alongside it, she inquires as to whether it is OK, Sonakshi questions for what reason did she place the most loved sheet of Soha, she promptly transforms it and even removes the toys,

Ishwari asks what might occur in the event that she set some toys at his bedside in light of the fact that Soha has a great deal of toys so the room is loaded up with them, Soha answers she will bring new toys for Aayush subsequent to asking the one which he prefers, Ishwari leaves in the wake of concurring. Dev coming says that with time all that will occur, Sonakshi says she doesnot know whether it will at any point be the equivalent since she is stressed over Soha as she has not transformed anything so out of nowhere she currently needs to impart the space to somebody since it will likewise be a tricky for Aayush.

Dev answers that some even t so upsetting changes the kid and Aayush would have the option to very much as he did when his past away that load of years prior. Ishwari is with Aayush showing him the house, she takes him to the Mandir asking she is happy he has at long last returned, she even requests that he supplicate yet he simply stops, she going to him asks what kind of dish soes he like as she will make the best dish for him, she clarifies that he is actually similar to Dev yet she couldn’t see him giggle in his youth anyway she wants that Aayush begin snickering.

Dev and Sonakshi are in the room, Soha enters asking what’s going on and if a few visitors are showing up, Dev answers that his companion’s nearby child has come to remain with them, she will impart her room to him, Soha questions why her room, Sonakshi answers since they need to show how polite Soha is and she can deal with him, Soha answers she needs to deal with him to show how respectful she will be, she shouts she doesnot like it at all which stresses both Dev and Sonakshi. Ishwari subsequent to setting up the lunch calls them all including Soha, Aayush comes so she helps him sit, asking what might he want to eat, Sonakshi is additionally offering him.

Soha feels dismissed so mumbles that somebody likewise ask her, Sonakshi turning shouts they have made her #1 dish Damalu, Ishwari requests that Soha eat some green vegetables as she generally eats potato, Soha feels stressed, Ishwari begins serving the dishes to Aayush and serves out every one of them, he takes it up and leaves, seeing which Sonakshi says he would eat sooner or later yet Ishwari demands causing him to eat saying that kids ought to eat at the table else they sit before the TV and have lousy nourishment, Ishwari shouts she will take great consideration of him and make him like her Dev, Sonakshi answers he doesnot need to eat.

Maa demands he will eat so inquires as to whether he will eat anyway he can’t, Dev additionally takes a gander at her while she is standing so requests that he eat by his hands, he feels stressed so eats the whole food, Dev requests that he accompany him as he would show him the room. Soha shouts she doesnot like the manner in which he was eating, Ishwari answers that for what reason is she strained as he didn’t concoct any rationalization for the food she ought to likewise gain from him, Soha gets frantic so leaves the table without paying attention to anything Sonakshi is saying, she asks Maa for what good reason did she say this is on the grounds that she knows how Soha is, she is exceptionally difficult about her food.

Ishwari is the person who has destroyed her and now is saying she needs to change, Dev comes inquiring as to whether he feels that Aayush is terrified as he remained silent while eating, Ishwari answers that she realizes how to bring up a kid so would ensure he feels the part for this family. Aayush is perusing the comic book, Soha comes saying she feels he is truly unusual in light of the fact that her mom said there were a few issues in his home which is the reason he has come to live in their home, she consents to share her room however cautions him to not touch her toys, she requests her comic book considering him an idiotic kid since he didn’t say even a solitary word.

Sonakshi’s dad is banging the radio, his child comes asking what is he doing as the radio would not fix, he couldn’t rest in the night in light of his little girl and now as a result of him, they father answers that he should then likewise sell him in the market since he is old, Joti calls him from behind the dad is loose to see him, he shouts he has brought the nourishment for him, he makes reference to that he has for sure aided his little girl in setting up the business since she was broken when her connection finished with Dev however he turned into her companion and surprisingly assisted her business with developing, Joti requests that they eat.

In the night Dev and Sonakshi go to the room of Soha and Aayush, the two of them leave in the wake of adjusting their beds, Sonakshi can’t tie the accessory, Dev helps her, she clarifies she feels that they should give Aayush another room as Soha would not be agreeable yet Dev doesnot think a similar saying he is Soha’s sibling, and they ought to be together. Aayush in the evening while at the same time dozing begins dreaming about his dad, he awakens calling him and even goes to the parlor yet he incidentally drops the jar what breaks, Ishwari comes asking what has occurred, Dev likewise comes requesting that he stay where he is until he gets the entirety of the bits of the glass.

Soha comes to Ishwari asking what has occurred, she anyway whips her hand going to Aayush inquiring as to whether he is terrified, guaranteeing eh ought not be concerned. Sonakshi goes to Soha, Dev gets Aayush saying he will take him to the room while Maa ought to rest, he strolls ceaselessly for Sonakshi, in the room he inquires as to whether Aayush saw his dad, he answers he saw, Dev clarifies it is on the grounds that his dad is consistently close to him, he can’t himself help him which is the reason he has requested that he be his defender, he ought to pay attention to him as in the end he would need to give Rohit a report, Aayush consents to pay attention to him, and dozes.

Ishwari comes, Dev answers he got frightened recollecting his dad, she guarantees she could never again cause him to feel alone. Dev going into his room asks Sonakshi what it was everything, she didn’t go close to Aayush while he was covered with glass, she reviews how Maa whipped the hand of Soha, she answers he and Maa with him so she was with Soha, Dev answers that she must be with Aayush to comfort him, she attempts to reason that she was befuddled yet Dev clarifies she ought to have gone however she was frozen, he out of frustration rests to rest. Sonakshi goes to the room of Dev while he is resting, she taking the bear reviews the second when she used to play with Soha, she has consistently been truly near her girl, who thinks about that Sonakshi is the best mother.

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