Koena Mitra slams Sweden Riots: saddened by Sweden riots, Koena Mitra said this, read full news


New Delhi, JNN l The film riots in Sweden are saddened by the film actress Koena Mitra. She has responded by writing, ‘There is neither Narendra Modi in Sweden nor Mr. Ram’. Along with this he has tweeted two photos. In one, the rioters can be seen arson, while in the second photo, burnt cars are seen.

Significantly, there has been a very violent riot in Sweden recently. Due to this, a large number of arson has been reported there. It is being told that due to the hurt of the feelings of a particular religion, they have taken such a violent demonstration down the road. Koena Mitra Has also favored Sweden in its tweet. They have used three hashtags.

The first of these is ‘We are with Sweden’. Also she has used Sweden and Sweden riots. Koena Mitra is very active on social media. She often gives her opinion on topics related to society. Koena Mitra recently in Palghar He had also reacted to the killing of the sadhus. He has demanded a CBI inquiry in the murder of the sadhus in Palghar. He tweeted about it and wrote, “It’s been four months!”

She has also used hashtags like CBI for Palghar Lynching, CBI for Palghar Sadhu, and Palghar Sadhu Lynching. Koena Mitra is a Bollywood actress and has worked in many films. Recently she also appeared in Bigg Boss. She has been in many social work. Koena Mitra is also an iconic Bollywood actor. She also has a huge fan following on social media. Koena Mitra also demanded a CBI inquiry in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. Koena Mitra also tweeted a lot about it. They are also very viral.


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