Know which cities of UP and Haryana are included in the 10 most polluted areas of the country.


New Delhi . Since Diwali, the level of pollution has been continuously increasing in all parts of the country. Pollution levels have increased due to factories in a city and construction works in a city. Awareness was spread by the government to curb the pollution, but it proved insufficient. Today’s level of pollution is at the top in Delhi-NCR region. The starch being burnt in Punjab is adding ghee to the fire to spoil the damaged air. These days the level of pollution in the air of many areas of the country is at its peak. If the standard of air quality index is 500, then in many cities this index has reached above 400.

Alam is that there is a different sheet of mist in such areas. The air quality index of cities has been released by CPCB, according to which 7 of the 10 most polluted areas in the country are from Uttar Pradesh alone. All these cities are adjacent to Delhi or a few kilometers away. Some cities of Haryana also have poor air quality index.

1- Ghaziabad

The condition of Ghaziabad city adjoining the capital Delhi is worst. According to the data released by CPCB, the air quality index on Wednesday (October 30) was 478. It was the highest recorded in the country. Because of this, fog is visible in the sky here these days.

2- Panipat

This is the city of Haryana. There are a lot of factories in this area. The AQI here has been measured at 475, due to which the city of Panipat was ranked second in terms of pollution. Now following the directives of CPCB, instructions have been issued to shut down the factories here.

3- Ballabgarh

This city is also from Haryana. Its distance from Delhi is just 57 kilometers. The AQI of this city was recorded 467, due to which it was ranked third in the country in terms of pollution.

4- Baghpat

Now let’s talk about the cities of UP. Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat city was ranked fourth in terms of pollution. The air quality index here was measured at 461. There are many reasons for pollution here.

5- Noida

There are many reasons for pollution in this city. Construction is going on here, factories are also running and the number of vehicles is increasing. Many areas are still open among the population from where the dust keeps blowing. A little dusty wind is seen around here. The AQI of here was measured at 450, so it was ranked 5th in terms of pollution.

6- Greater Noida

This city of UP is also growing very fast. Here too, all kinds of things are the main reason for increasing pollution. By the way, the construction work is generally considered to be polluting here. Apart from this, the number of vehicles is also increasing here. The index of this city was measured at 438, making it the 6th place.

7- Hapur

The population density in this city, located just 40 km from Delhi, is increasing rapidly. Apart from this, the number of vehicles is also increasing here. Many large factories are also running in Hapur. When factories in Delhi started to be closed, their owners set up units in the same city a few kilometers away. The index measured 435, making it the 7th most polluted city due to this.

8- Equal pollution in both Meerut and Bulandshahr

The greater the distance from Delhi to cities, the less is the level of pollution. The quality index measured 430 in Meerut and Bulandshahr, about 60 km from Delhi. The pollution levels in these two cities were recorded at the same level.

9- Muzaffarnagar

It was ranked as the 9th most polluted city in the country. The city’s air quality index was recorded at 428. It is also a city in UP and is located a few kilometers from Delhi.

10- Delhi

Now when it comes to the 10th city in terms of pollution, the name of the capital Delhi comes in it. The air quality index here measured 419. This is the situation in Delhi where there has been an appeal for not to burn firecrackers on the day of Diwali and to stop pollution from rising. This appeal of the government also showed some effect, if the firecrackers were less lit than last year, then the level of pollution remained low or else the situation here would have been worse. The air quality has started to deteriorate from the second week of October, which has not improved yet. Scientists are saying that it should remain like this for a few days.


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