KBC 2020: Ankush Sharma quizzed the game on the question of 50 lakhs, do you know the answer


New Delhi Kaun Banega Crorepati 12: The interest of the audience is increasing rapidly on TV’s famous quiz show ie ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati-12’. This show not only increases your knowledge but also helps in realizing your many unfulfilled dreams. Till now, KBC should not know how many contestants have won by winning millions of crores of rupees. On the other hand, yesterday i.e. Thursday’s episode started with Contestant Ankush Sharma. Ankush, who came from Jammu and Kashmir, won Rs 25 lakh by giving correct answers to all the questions with great understanding. But Ankush stuck to the question of 50 lakh rupees and decided to quiz the game. Let’s know what was the question of 50 lakh rupees.

Question- What was the last question asked by Ram Mohammad Thomas in the TV quiz show described in Vikas Swarup’s book ‘Q&A’?

A. Beethoven’s Pioni Sonata No. 29

B. Mumtaz Mahal’s father

C. Three Musketeers

D. Costard, a Shakespearean character

This is the correct answer to the question- A. Beethoven’s Pioni Sonata number 29

As usual, many personal things happened between the contestants and Big B along with the game. During this time Ankush shared a lot of shares regarding his relationship. He told that he met his girlfriend Divya through Instagram. The two will marry as soon as the corona is over and everything is normal.

At the same time, An Kush Sharma also talked about his illness in front of Big B. Ankush said that he has a disease since birth due to lack of vitamin D. Due to which their length could not be increased much. Not only this, because of this disease, many operations were also done in his childhood.


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