Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 25th November 2021 Episode Written Update (25/11/2021)


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 25th November 2021 Written Episode Update Zee Tv Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 25 November Written Update on TellyUpdates.

Episode Name: Kashi Comes To Baji’s House

Air Date: 25th November 2021

Full Written Update: Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 25/11/2021 Episode Start with

Scene 1

Radha says simply send the message to Mahadji. He says whats to you? She says making conditions that makes him need to help you all alone. Balaji says is it OK to mess around with your companion? SHe says OK on the off chance that you play them for your public and system. What’s more, this system is his too. I need him to realize that as well.

Bajis sibling lets him know Kashi and his family would be coming. He says shes so irritating. He says I will tell Kashi.

Scene 2

Balajis man gives the message to Mahadji that BalaJoshi is there and they saved his life. He says much obliged. Tai is concerned for her child. Mahad says hes fine. We dont need to go there. Balaji will deal with him. He did something inept. Kashi says you are frantic at him. Allows to go to him at this moment. He really wants us. Her sibling expresses what will they imagine that we are not together in terrible occasions? He says OK go. Ramchandar will go with you. Tai says your self image is a higher priority than his life. Dont come as a dad yet you need to come as a spouse. He says I wont go. Shuibai says if you dont go we wont go all things considered. He says dont drive me. OK then, at that point, go. I wont say anything and ask him not to converse with me also. Shuibai says is it OK to take KAshi there? Tai says she cannot drive her for any choice. Lets take her.

Scene 3

Radha says 3 days are left 7. We need to accomplish something in these 4 days. Mai says will Mahad coming here take care of your concern? She says I am sitting tight for Kashi. She will come without a doubt. Bhiu says whe will our companion come? Balaji says resembles its a feeble companionship. They inquire as to why? He says not a solitary one of you organized things for her. Her food, spot to rest and things. Baji says do their game plan elsewhere. RAdha says you wont conclude who comes here. Shes a decent young lady. Balaji says your mother is correct. He says all of you cannot understand how ruined she is.

Kashi says to Ganga I dont need to go to that Bajis house. Yet, my sibling is there. I didnt realize I would need to meet him. I cannot endure him by any means. How might I quiet down him? Ganga says I have an answer. She brings a leaf and paste. She tells baji the arrangement.

Scene 4

Mahadji accompanies his family. Radha says to Baji you cannot take off from the house. Youve to invite them. That is our custom. Radha does their arti and invites them. KAshi takes a gander at Baji and smiles. Radha says stop Kashi. At the point when a little youngster goes to our place we stamp her feet on our floor. Its our custom. Tai stops Kashi. She says we never did such custom. We wont do it. Mahadji says its OK. Whats the serious deal? Balaji says our Radhabai likes to guard recollections of visitors. On the off chance that you dont like it.. Balaji says its OK. Kashi goes into the house and stamps her feet. Radha says come lets meet your child. Baji says to Kashi I am powerless due to my folks. I’m tied due to my companions. A few visitors arent great. Kashi says tell your mother. Go from here and converse with your blade. Kashi leaves.

Mai tells Balajoshi your family is here. He gets up and says I need to go from here. His mother comes in. She says where were you going? So distraught at your folks? Check out your condition. Youve to rest to recover. Kashi says if it’s not too much trouble, rest. You will be fine. You will get back home with us. He says for what reason did all of you come? Shui says we are your family. If we wont who might come? Tai requests that Kashi go out and play with Krishna. She says why? I want to meet Bhao. Shui says do what tai is saying. They leave.


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