Kartik Purnima 27th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (27/3/2020)

Kartik Purnima Written Updates

Kartik Purnima 27th March 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat Serial “Kartik Purnima 27 March 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Vicky Tries To Molest Purnima

Air Date: 27 March 2020

Full Written Update: Kartik Purnima 27/3/2020 Episode Start with Kartik indicates the belongings papers to kuldeep and says that is the confirmation. Kuldeep says what’s happening? Who is jugindar?

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Kartik says vicky deceived me and he is going to canada alone, his call isn’t even vicky. Kuldeep is bowled over. Purnima figures for what motive did i see kartik’s face? She opinions her minutes with kartik. Vicky comes there. Purnima says you here?

Vicky says you shouldn’t maintain your entryway open. Purnima is strained, he requests the water. She is going to the kitchen and he shuts the entryway and drinks wine. Kuldeep reveals to kartik that the next day is her wedding, i’m able to’t divulge to them that is every one of the an untruth, i’m able to execute that individual. He hacks.

Kuldeep says my female needed to warfare for her whole life, she is usually grinning however this can’t occur together with her, her fantasies will spoil. She will be able to chunk the dust. Kartik requests that he settle down.

Kuldeep says i am her dad and i used to be not able to make sure her. Purnima comes to vicky and says you drink liquor? He says it’s predicted to avoid the cold in canada. Come here, i had to invest some power with you. Purnima requests that he leave. Kuldeep requests that kartik disclose to him some thing.

Kartik says atleast we discovered a attainable tempo this earlier than the marriage. Purnima is going to her room and tries to call kuldeep yet he doesn’t get. Vicky is available in her room and says you ignored me? You should be giving me the agency. Purnima requests that he leave.

Vicky says we are going to share the room soon so how about we do it.Kartik famous to kuldeep that i procured an examiner and his circle of relatives is a trick, he has obliterated severa existences of the young women. Kuldeep cries and says he is devastating my little female’s lifestyles.

Kartik says we have to go to purnima and come smooth with her. Kuldeep says certainly, we must cross. Purnima requests that vicky depart but he says you’re obsolete. He sticks her to the divider and says i’m able to hold tight for a chunk. Purnima leaves from that factor. Sumrit and shanaya sit to have a pooja. Shanaya is perspiring.

Nani discloses to bina that i am dealing with the whole lot with regard to vicky don’t as nicely stress. Soni says where is kartik? Purnima is going to the kitchen. Vicky’s sizable different calls her and says vicky is a trick, he wedded me and later on took my property.

He will do likewise with you. His call is jugindar, don’t wed him, he’s unstable, he can hunch low, she components of the deals. Purnima cries. Kuldeep and kartik are leaving. Purnima calls him and cries. Vicky accepts the decision and says how ought to you.. He elements of the deals.

Kartik and kuldeep pay attention him and is going out. Vicky snatches purnima and tries to assault her but she slaps him. He blows up. Chachi sees a reptile at the parsad and discards it. The minister says i’m able to’t try this pooja now, he leaves.

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Soni says this is genuinely now not a hint of some thing to sit up for, some thing lousy will arise. Vicky exhibits to purnima that you have no clue what i can do with you presently. He hauls her to her room.

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