Kartik Purnima 25th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (25/3/2020)

Kartik Purnima Written Updates

Kartik Purnima 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Bharat Serial “Kartik Purnima 25 March 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Vicky Challenges Kartik

Air Date: 25 March 2020

Full Written Update: Kartik Purnima 25/3/2020 Episode Start with Twinkle eats a cake at the get-together and looks around. She comes to Purnima and says you are concealing? Purnima laughs and eats a cake with her. Twinkle says I can apply mehndi on your hand. What is your better half’s name? Purnima says Vicky. Twinkle will create it on her hand yet Soni calls her so she leaves.

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Vicky’s life partner is looking for Purnima and sees her in the nursery. All starting the move displays. The woman comes to Purnima and says you are wedding a phony. I know who you will marry. Vicky comes there and sees his significant other. He says what she is doing here? I am gone now.

The mate is going to confess all to Purnima anyway Twinkle takes Purnima starting there. Twinkle invites her on the stage and calls Kartik also. She starts hitting the move floor with them. Soni explodes. Kartik starts hitting the move floor with Purnima on Hello.. Soni is miffed to see it. All are stressed.

Sumrit brings Shanaya on the stage and hits the move floor with her. All family members oblige them. Suddenly the lights go off. Soni has killed the lights and says I can’t see that youngster with my kid, she has crossed all cutoff focuses today. Purnima is scanning for the woman.

Kartik goes to be careful with the lights. Vicky grabs his significant other and puts a sharp edge on her neck, he says in case you don’t stop, by then I will kill you.

Soni uncovers to Purnima that you are inappropriate, how might you hit the move floor with my youngster? Stay in your cutoff focuses. Purnima says I am sorrowful. Soni says you know my conditions for this wedding, review you asked to me?

Vicky’s loved one cries and says leave me, I will runaway and not return here. Vicky solicitations that her run. She leaves starting there.

Soni reveals to Purnima that I needn’t bother with your shadow at the present time, will pay for this. Get lost from here. Purnima leaves.

Kartik is looking for Purnima. He sees a framework and trusts it’s Purnima. He says I have to uncover to you that Vicky is a cheat, he unveils to her start and end. The individual turns and it’s Vicky. Vicky says you consider me now?

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Kartik says you have conceded that you are a phony. Vicky says who are you to Purnima? I am perilous and Purnima won’t listen to you, you have no solid proof. I will marry Purnima in 2 days and you won’t have the choice to do anything, he leaves starting there. Kartik is stressed.

Kartik says Vicky makes certain as I don’t have a proof.

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