Karthika Deepam 29th November 2022 Episode Written Update (29/11/2022)

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Karthika Deepam 29th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Maa “Karthika Deepam 29 November 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Karthik searches for Deepa

Karthika Deepam Air Date: Karthika Deepam 29th November 2022

Full Written Update: Karthika Deepam 29/11/2022 Episode Start with Deepa asking Karthik for a favour? Karthik asks Deepa what is it? Deepa says if something happens to her then he has to go and look for Sourya. Karthik asks Deepa not to talk like that. Deepa says to Karthik even if doesn’t recall his past she says Sourya is his daughter. Karthik reminds Deepa that he already said Sourya is his responsibility. Deepa asks Karthik what about Mounitha?

Karthik says he is not picking up Mounitha’s call and says until he finds Sourya he decided to stay here. Deepa asks about Durga? Karthik recalls what happened and says Durga is fine. Karthik asks Deepa to take a rest. Deepa agrees and says Karthik to keep the photo of Sourya safe and says if he loses it he will forget about Sourya. Karthik thinks he can’t tell Deepa that he recalled his past to her as she is not in a position to hear the truth.

Hima comes and asks Soundarya if she got the information about Sourya. Soundarya says she didn’t get any information. Anandrao asks Soundarya to call Rajamma. Soundarya agrees and calls but she doesn’t get a reply. Soundarya decides to go directly to Rajamma.

Karthik searches for Deepa who is not in her bed. Karthik questions the passer by in the hospital if they saw Deepa. Everyone says they didn’t see her. Karthik thinks of where did Deepa go.

Soundarya and Anandrao reach Rajamma’s house. They see that Rajamma is not inside. Soundarya asks Parvati where is Rajamma? Parvati says they shifted to the house last night and she doesn’t know anything about Rajamma. Soundarya warns Parvati to tell the truth and says if she knew that she is hiding something the police will arrest her. Parvati still says she doesn’t know anything. Soundarya leaves from there. Pravati calls Indrudu and says everything that happened. Indrudu asks Parvati to stick to her story and he will take care of everything.

Deepa is shown to be searching for Sourya. Sourya searches for her parents. Deepa and Sourya are about to cross paths but Indrudu comes and takes Sourya away.

Indrudu asks Sourya to not go out alone. Sourya agrees. Sourya says she is tired. Indrudu says she can sleep in the auto.

The auto wala stops. Indrudu asks the auto wala why did he stop. The auto wala says someone is unconscious. Indrudu sees that it is Deepa i.e. unconscious. Sourya asks who is it. Indrudu asks Sourya not to get up saying she can’t see this. Sourya agrees. Indrudu asks the auto wala to start the auto. He starts the auto and leaves. Karthik is shown to be searching for Deepa in his car.

Anandrao sees the blackened posters of Sourya to Soundarya and says their lives are also like this. Anandrao shares his suspicion that if Rajamma is fake then what she said about Karthik and Deepa might also be fake. Soundarya doesn’t agree with his assumption and says before she came here they left this town scared of someone and that someone might be Karthik and Deepa. Hima asks Soundarya if there is a possibility that Karthik and Deepa might be alive.

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