Karthika Deepam 26th September 2022 Episode Written Update (26/9/2022)

karthika deepam tv show written updates

Karthika Deepam 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Maa “Karthika Deepam 26 September 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Deepa hatches a plan to jog Karthik’s memory

Karthika Deepam Air Date: Karthika Deepam 26th September 2022

Full Written Update: Karthika Deepam 26/9/2022 Episode Start with The president welcomes Deepa and says the kitchen and utensils are toward the back and she requests that Deepa cook well as there are a ton of celebrity’s coming. Deepa is going to go. The settlement individuals discuss what show to play at their state commemoration. Deepa proceeds to propose to the settlement saying she has another show. The settlement president gets some information about it exhaustively. Deepa tells about the show. The president and everybody hearing the show acclaim her. The president requests that Deepa assume the fundamental part. Deepa after some time. The president advises everybody to plan.

Mounitha goes to meet an expert specialist. The specialist asks what is the issue. Mounitha says she has a companion who has cognitive decline and his significant other is attempting to make him review his memory by doing the things he knows all about. Specialist says it is conceivable and gives a model and says there will be a setting off point once it gets everything rolling then they will review their memory. So the specialist encourages Mounitha to advise his companions spouse to do how she needs to make him review his memory. Mounitha ponders internally she needs to ensure Deepa doesn’t attempt to make him review.

Hima demands Sourya to return yet she doesn’t. Soundarya searches for Hima and Sourya. Sourya sees Soundarya and goes to a side seeing Soundarya. Soundarya sees Hima and asks Hima where are they till now. Hima says they were to a great extent. Hima tells Soundarya how she attempted to persuade Sourya to return. Soundarya asks where is Sourya. Hima says Sourya went to the latrine. Soundarya says Sourya probably won’t be here any longer as Sourya would have seen her and took off. Hima feels furious at herself as she trusted Sourya’s falsehood. Soundarya says we will think that she is later.

Deepa comes and persuades Karthik to watch the show that she is playing. Karthik concurs after her persuading. Karthik tells to Siva to let Mounitha know that he went to see show locally lobby. Karthik comes to the local area corridor. He requests that Deepa start the show soon as he can hardly hang tight for a really long time. Deepa requests that he sit tight for at some point.

Sourya conceals in Mounitha’s vehicle. Mounitha begins the vehicle. She reviews Specialist’s words and chooses to take Karthik to the USA. Sourya thinks sorry for making you cry grandma however I can’t remain with Hima. Specialist meets Deepa and inquires as to whether Karthik came. Deepa says he is here and I’m strained contemplating what will be the result. The specialist says as a specialist I’m strained as well and in the event that this gets effective, we can do a contextual investigation on it. Karthik comes there and says he will leave as he is getting exhausted. Specialist and Deepa demand him to hang tight for quite a while to find his solutions.

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