Karthika Deepam 24th September 2022 Episode Written Update (24/9/2022)

karthika deepam tv show written updates

Karthika Deepam 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Maa “Karthika Deepam 24 September 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Karthik lashes out at Deepa

Karthika Deepam Air Date: Karthika Deepam 24th September 2022

Full Written Update: Karthika Deepam 24/9/2022 Episode Start with Anandrao asks how she anticipated that Karthik should be alive and in the event that he is alive, he will come to us. Soundarya says Mounitha changed a few tones so I got questions and thought her. Anandrao says I’m not speculation regarding it and I’m thinking Mounitha and Deepa are indistinguishable. Soundarya inquires as to why he is talking madly. Anandrao says Karthik is a decent individual that is the reason Deepa sat tight for a long time for himself and to recapture him and similarly, Mounitha bore our put-downs however never left Karthik and presently she is seeing Karthik in her child and this is a direct result of Karthik’s integrity.

Siva drinks milk. He inquires as to whether the couple who came is actually the guardians of Karthik. Mounitha says you don’t have to know it. Karthik comes there and asks who are the couple came to meet her. Mounitha says they are Siva’s folks. Karthik inquires as to why they didn’t meet Siva. Mounitha says Siva cries seeing them that is the reason they did without meeting him. Karthik requests that Siva grow up and leaves. Siva believes it’s affirmed that Mounitha isn’t Karthik’s better half.

Specialist energizes Deepa that she can get a method for causing Karthik to recapture his memory. Deepa says it is absolutely impossible. Local area women welcome Deepa to get ready nourishment for the occasion. Deepa concurs. They leave. Specialist requests what’s the need from it. Deepa says I really want 10 individuals’ help as of now.

Sourya gives pulihora to Hima and tells her that she can’t remain here. Hima says I can remain where you stay. Sourya says you can’t remain here so call grandma and leave. Hima denies it and tells her that she can’t survive without her.

Mounitha gives espresso to Karthik. She asks what’s he thinking. Karthik says I’m thinking regarding Deepa and why she isn’t leaving us. Mounitha says how about we leave from here. Karthik says in the event that we take off, its resembles tolerating Deepa as my significant other so we really want to make Deepa leave. Mounitha says Deepa won’t leave without help from anyone else.

Karthik goes to meet Deepa. He requests that Deepa quit following him and solicitations her to leave his loved ones. He says everybody expressing you’re behind us for cash so take this cash and leave this spot. That time he accepts Mounitha’s call. Karthik tells her he is with Vantalakka and will return in some time. Mounitha contemplates why he went. Karthik offers to give more cash to Deepa on the off chance that she needs and demands her to leave him. Mounitha sees it and feels blissful. Karthik requests that Deepa not call him as Specialist babu and my better half is getting frightened and needs to leave this city however we won’t leave as we did no mix-up so pass on to your place.

Deepa is going to get out whatever’s her place. Karthik says no requirement for it Nd leaves from here. Mounitha says thanks to God for evolving Karthik. Karthik is going to leave. Deepa stops him. Karthik says you don’t have to return the cash. Deepa says my significant other gave cash to me so I have right on it and will purchase things what you like on me. Karthik lifts his hand. Mounitha stops him and takes him with her.

Anandrao asks Soundarya what’s she thinking. Soundarya says she is furious. Anandrao inquires as to for what reason is she furious. Soundarya tells Anandrao that she resents herself as she is powerless in her grandkids’ subject. Anandrao supports Soundarya. Soundarya likewise chooses to call the police and search for their grandkids in the entire city. Anandrao says so tomorrow we will be with our grandkids. Soundarya says OK. Deepa implores God to be with her on the thing she will do.

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