Karthika Deepam 1st December 2022 Episode Written Update (01/12/2022)

karthika deepam tv show written updates

Karthika Deepam 1st December 2022 Written Episode Update, Maa “Karthika Deepam 1 December 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Karthik warns Samba Siva Rao

Karthika Deepam Air Date: Karthika Deepam 1st December 2022

Full Written Update: Karthika Deepam 01/12/2022 Episode Start with Karthik sharing with the specialist that he will ask Deepa not to stress. The specialist requests that Karthik take care of the issue assuming it is conceivable that Deepa is agonizing over. Karthik supposes in the event that it tends to be addressed Deepa wouldn’t be this way. Karthik asks Specialist for some help and requests that the specialist stow away from Deepa that he is the person who is performing the medical procedure. The specialist disagrees at first however later concurs after some persuading.

Soundarya requests that Mounitha stay here. Mounitha begs Soundarya to permit her to go. Soundarya questions Mounitha on what is the work for example so much significant and for what reason did she hit her on the head. Mounitha doesn’t address Soundarya’s inquiries. Soundarya shares with Mounitha she won’t permit her to leave until she has addresses for her inquiries. Soundarya secures Mounitha in the room and leaves from that point. Mounitha considers Karthik and Deepa and what is what is going on.

Deepa recovers cognizance and inquires as to whether he enquired whose telephone no that is. Karthik says he will enquire soon. Deepa inquires as to whether he tracked down Sourya. Karthik says he was unable to go leaving her like this. Deepa doesn’t pay attention to Karthik and attempts to go search for Sourya. Karthik stops Deepa and says first wellbeing is a higher priority than whatever else. Deepa questions Karthik on what’s the significance here to him that he is dealing with her this much? Karthik inquires as to whether he was in her position would she have dealt with him. Deepa says OK and says it is on the grounds that he is her better half and she would have dealt with him totally. Deepa reminds Karthik however he is considering Mounitha his better half. Karthik doesn’t respond to Deepa’s inquiry and solicitations Deepa for some help. Karthik gets some information about anything until the activity.

Chandramma questions Indrudu on about his thought process? Indrudu says he is contemplating returning Sourya to their folks. Chandramma lashes out at Indrudu and questions him on how much cash did he sell Sourya. Indrudu blows up at Chandramma feeling that he will sell Sourya for cash. Indrudu says he perceived the amount Deepa is enduring and says he saw Deepa fallen on the side of the road oblivious searching for Sourya. Chandramma hearing this tells Sourya we should offer Sourya and says she simply needs to see Indrudu blissful. Indrudu concurs and embraces Chandramma.

Karthik comes to Samba Siva Rao and questions him about his telephone no on the banner. Samba Siva Rao tells Karthik the telephone no is his except for he doesn’t have the foggiest idea how his telephone no got on the banner. Karthik cautions Samba Siva Rao that in the event that Indrudu got found out and assuming they realized he is assisting Indrudu, he with willing likewise go to prison. Samba Siva Rao thinks it is smarter to tell about Indrudu. Be that as it may, later figures Indrudu will kill him on the off chance that he expressed whatever about him and expresses nothing to Karthik.

Deepa shows the banner to individuals in the emergency clinic and inquires as to whether they saw Sourya anyplace. Yet, she doesn’t get a positive answer from any of them. Deepa slips and is going to fall. Karthik comes and gets Deepa. Karthik reminds Deepa again that she shouldn’t emerge from the room until the activity is finished.

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