Kapalmochan Tirtha is the center of faith of Hindu, Muslim and Sikh community, know the special things about the pilgrimage Panipat News


Panipat / Yamunanagar, JNN. The state-level historic Kapalmochan fair is inaugurated from 8 November. The pilgrimage site is considered a confluence of faith of Hindu, Muslim and Sikh community. That is why all the pilgrimages about it are repeatedly called Kapalamochan once…. Lakhs of devotees take a dip of faith in the three lakes including the historic Gurdwara, Kapalamochan, Karimochan and Surajkund.

Jagadhri utensils also serve to overcome the financial crisis of the industry and other traders by shopping. Fair Administrator SDM Bilaspur Girish Kumar says that the state-level fair will run from 8 to 12 November. It will be inaugurated by DC Mukul Kumar. There will be a royal bath on November 11 on the night of Kartik Purnima.

Kapalamochan Sarovar

According to Pandit Subhash Sharma, devotees first bathe in Kapalamochan Sarovar. It is mentioned in the Puranas by the name of Somasar. Lord Shri Ram, Lord Shri Krishna, Guru Nanak Dev, Guru Gobind Singh came here. The idol of Mata Chandi was established by Guru Gobind Singh near the lake. After that the priests here were ordered to be priests.

After Kapalmochan Sarovar, devotees take a bath in the Debtmochan Sarovar. According to the Puranas, bathing here gives freedom from all kinds of debts. Here Lord Krishna stopped and performed the yajna with the Pandavas. Donated the body of ancestors of Pandavas. The Pandava fathers were free from debt. Guru Gobind Singh also came here twice. After stying here for 52 days, after the war of worship, he had washed his weapons here.

Many legends are also associated with Surajkund Sarovar. According to the stories, after slaying Lord Shri Ram Ravana, Mata Sita and brother Lakshman Hanuman were freed from the blame of killing Brahm by bathing in the Kapalamochan lake with a Pushpak aircraft. Kund was built here, which came to be known as Surajkund. According to another belief, at this place lived Siddha Purush Dudhadhari Baba. The belief of Dudhadhari society is also related to Muslim religion. It is said that Mughal emperor Akbar also came here.

Guru Nanak Dev reached Kapalmochan pilgrimage place from Haridwar via Saharanpur. In the year 1746, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, after winning the battle of Bhangani, came to this place and gave rest for 52 days. Devotees take a dip in the three Sarovars as well as the Gurudwara Sarovar. It was from here that saffron of the saffron color started.


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