Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 24th Jan 2020 Episode Written Update (24/1/2020)

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram Written Updates

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 24th January 2020 Written Episode Update, &TV Serial “Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 24 January 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Maruti Decides To Follow Dhruv Star To Search His Aaradhya

Air Date: 24 January 2020

Full Written Update: Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 24/1/2020 Episode Start with

Anjani asking Maruti, what did he do today? Maruti says he helped a farmer to do puja. Anjani asks concerning whether he has any fight with his associates. Maruti says no. Anjani thinks Maruti is melancholy. She thinks he is glancing through something which he isn’t getting. She asks did you start the ball rolling. Maruti says no. Anjani demands that he keep looking. Maruti asks who can exhibit way to deal with us.

Anjani says when she is hopeless, by then she goes to Rishi’s Ashram. Maruti asks will I go now. Anjani demands that he go in the initial segment of the day and solicitations that he eat and shower before going. Maruti says okay. Maruti’s friends’ jagan, magan and bandu. They tell that they have no presence without him. Maruti comes there. Jagan, Magan and bandu chat with him. Maruti apologizes and grasps him.

Jambvant comes to meet Maruti. Kesari and anjani welcome him. anjani tells that maruti is touchy since he heard narayan story from you. Kesari says seems like he is glancing through something. Jambvant feels that Maruti is looking Aaradhya. Anjani says she mentioned that he meet Rishi. Jambvant thinks Maruti is walking around the best approach to glance through his Aaradhya. Maruti tells his partners that he is going to Rishi Matang to get some data about his Aaradhya. He goes there and invites Rishi Matang.

Rishi Matang welcomes him and gets some data about the inspiration driving his visit. Maruti demands that he direct him. Rishi Matang uncovers to him a record of King and his two life partners. Maruti asks what did Dhruv looked like through his Aaradhya? Rishi Matang demands that he see up and make him look Dhruv star. He says if you offer to dhruv star, by then you will find a few solutions concerning your aaradhya. Maruti offers thanks toward him and goes. Rishi Matang thinks Maruti is in surge.


Devi Parvati asks Mahadev did Maruti appreciate what he said? Mahadev says reality will surface in the end. He goes to his sidekicks and tells that Rishi matang said that he needs to follow the Dhruv star to find his aaradhya. His buddies tell that they will in like manner come. Maruti says I have to go alone, yet I ensure that I will make every one of you meet my Aaradhya. His buddy asks concerning whether Anjani will permit him.

Devi Parvati says Maruti took his words wrongly. She asks how Maruti will follow the star. Mahadev says their point is same. He says just like Dhruv’s bhakti made him undying as star and tells that Maruti will be called as unparalleled. Devi Parvati says Maruti needs to take assent from Anjani. Mahadev says he needs to take his mother’s assent else he can’t go. Devi Parvati says they didn’t have the foggiest thought regarding that future depends in Anjani’s grip now.

Anjani is in Palace, when maruti comes there. He asks how much work you will do and demands that her go with him. He massages her feet and solicitations that her permit him to manage her. Anjani says she is fine and asks regarding why you are pushing. Maruti says it is his commitment to manage her, exhorts that he went to Rishi Matang’s Ashram and found all of his answers.

Anjani grasps him. Maruti demands that her give him assent. She demands what? Sevak comes and calls Anjani. Anjani says she will be back. Maruti says I need your approval. Anjani says whatever Rishi Matang has suggested you, must be right and says she is giving him agree to do what he needs. Maruti thinks she is a best mother.

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