Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 23rd Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (23/3/2020)

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram Written Updates

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 23rd March 2020 Written Episode Update, &Tv Serial “Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 23 March 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Maruti Senses Evil Power Influencing Roma

Air Date: 23 March 2020

Full Written Update: Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 23/3/2020 Episode Start with Devraj Indra offering darshan to Bali and tells the hanuman whom he thought him as his enemy is truly Jagat Bandhu, he is the force of world’s headway. Bali says it shows up your ears are not hearing what you are expressing.

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Devraj Indra says I mentioned you to stop Maruti, yet it was my slip up. He says he has experienced Maruti’s ideal leela which opened my eyes and tells everything. He moves toward him to end his contempt for Maruti and says if you have threatening vibe with him, by then it will hurt you and not him. He says being your father, I have to control you. He vanishes.

Bali explodes and tells that Pita ji supported Maruti with divine powers and have become Ajay. He will snatch his situation of eminence. He tells that he will in like manner get the more pervasive powers. Roma, sugreev, Tara come to Kesari Palace. Kesari welcomes them. Shani Dev looks at them. Tara says we left long back.

Roma asks where is Maruti and says her eyes will get peaceful watching her. Maruti comes there and gives her kajal to apply kala tika. They all giggle. Shani Dev says Amangal Reflection will have dim spot on your family that awful thing will happen. Amangal tells that nobody can be saved from me as my appearance is incredibly dreadful.

Kesari tells that Charity work will start by Tara today. Tara exhorts that she needs Maruti to begin first. Maruti expresses profound gratitude to her. Anjani says Maruti is blessed to get your love. Maruti says surrenders. Amangal is so far flying and exhorts that he is coming to demolish his family’s serenity and happiness.

Maruti gives the articles of clothing to local people and resources someone’s quality behind Roma. He believes what’s up, yet what? Tara asks Anjani to do great purpose. Anjani approaches maruti to do honorable aim for their advantage. Amangal attacks Roma.

Roma asks Maruti to stop and asks did you call me and my significant other to get annoyed. Sugreev asks what was the arrangement? Anjani asks regarding why you are exploding?

Roma says you are not asking me and my significant other to do respectable motivation, tells that her loved one is Kishkinda’s King increasingly young kin. She asks Maruti to give the thing to him and says her loved one has the essential choice to do great aim. She contacts Maruti to get the articles of clothing and Amangal leaves her.

Roma passes out. Maruti thinks somebody was here. Roma got insight and tells that she doesn’t have the foggiest thought what happened there. Sugreev exhorts that they will return to Kishkinda. Kesari demands that they go. They leave.

Devi Parvati encourages that due to Amangal, the family is breaking. Mahadev uncovers to her that Maruti will do everything fine. Anjani uncovers to Kesari that she won’t pardon Roma. Kesari demands that her reason Roma.

Roma reveals to Sugreev that she is feeling humiliated about her words and doesn’t recall that anything. Sugreev says my head was wind down infront of all and tells that you have annoyed Kesari and Anjani who are exceptional to me.

Roma says she needs to apologize to them. Sugreev says they are coming tomorrow. Anjani reveals to Kesari that she can’t pardon Roma. Kesari demands that her grip Roma and exoneration her. She asks with respect to why you have to meet him. Kesari giggles and says it is a secret between two colleagues.

Maruti thinks why Roma Kaki exploded, thinks he had seen dull smoke leaving her. He thinks Mata is hurt with Roma Kaki’s direct, yet who was making her do it. Shani Dev says you can’t successfully stop the fight between your families.

Sugreev, Tara and Roma are holding on for Anjani and Kesari. Tara says in case they are not coming. Roma says if they don’t come, by then how I will apologize to them. Amangal tells that authentic game will start now.

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