kahat hanuman jai shri ram 20th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (20/2/2020)

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram Written Updates

kahat hanuman jai shri ram 20th February 2020 Written Episode Update, &Tv Serial “kahat hanuman jai shri ram 20 February 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Maruti Enters Suthal Lok For The Mace

Air Date: 20 February 2020

Full Written Update: kahat hanuman jai shri ram 20/2/2020 Episode Start with Varasur hanging in air and is tied with Maruti’s tail. The Asurs tell that the supernatural tail assaulted their Varasur. Varasur requests that they stop the tail. Maruti figures the Gada must be stepping through his exam and attempts to pull him up. The Asurs hold Varasur and tumble down.

They find a good pace to free Varasur. Maruti thinks the weight is expanding. He strolls ahead utilizing everything that is in him. The land splits and separates and Maruti falls inside. The Asurs, Apsaras and Rishis see him. Bali asks Sugreev I don’t get his meaning? Sugreev apologizes to him and says I thought Maruti went behind him.

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Bali says he had gone out and he can detect who is coming behind him. Anjani and Kesari come there. Rishis and Apsaras see Maruti as Mahadev and overlay their hands. The Asurs ask who is this kid who has slaughtered Varasur. They draw close to Maruti and fall on his feet. They request that he leave them.

Maruti says I would prefer not to hurt all of you, you can go. The Asurs flee from that point. Apsaras liberates Sadhus. Rishis says thanks to Maruti calling him Mahadev. Apsaras likewise expresses gratitude toward him. Maruti tells that he isn’t Mahadev, however Maruti.

The Rishi says you are Mahadev for us and inquires as to why you have come here? Maruti inquires as to whether he knows the best approach to Suthal lok. Rishi says you knows it all and you are asking us. He educates him regarding the best approach to Suthal Lok.

Anjani and kesari get some information about Maruti. Tara apologizes to her and says I was unable to deal with my Maruti. Roma says Maruti isn’t seen since night. Tara tells that she is certain that Maruti is fine and until he returns, she won’t have nourishment and water. Anjani asks her not to apologize, we know how Maruti is? Roma says he isn’t in the Palace.

Maruti comes to Suthal Lok. A God comes there and says this is Bali’s Rajya and says you can’t come here. Maruti asks who right? God says he is Sudarshan Chakra and tells that without Shri Hari’s authorization you can’t go there.

Maruti welcomes him. Mahadev tells about Sudarshan Dev and advises that Maruti needs to offer test to him at each point. He requests that Devi Parvati imagine that this will be test for Maruti to get the Gada. Maruti asks Sudarshan Dev to release him inside Suthal Lok.

Sudarshan Dev says are you trying me and says you won’t be spared now. He becomes Sudarshan and draws close to Maruti, before going far. Maruti thinks it appears he doesn’t think about my speed. He requests that he practice until he gets his mace.

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Sudarshan Dev says you are giggling on me, you won’t be spared. Mahadev requests that Devi parvati perceive how he is prodding Sudarshan Dev. Sudarshan Dev assaults him. maruti twists down and thinks he is ravenous.

Sudarshan dev believes that he can’t be spared. He assaults him. Maruti grasps the sudarshan chakra, it becomes desserts and eats it. Bali comes there and tells that officers couldn’t look through him. A man comes there and tells he saw him going in pataal lok.

Sudarshan Chakra thinks a kid ate me thinking as a sweet and thinks to turn out to be large. He was unable to turn out and implores Mahadev. He sees Mahadev discussing Ram. Mahadev requests that he open his eyes. Sudarshan Dev opens his eyes and ends up in Kailash. He asks who was that divine kid? Mahadev says he is my Ansh, Maruti. Maruti grins.

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