kahat hanuman jai shri ram 12th Feb 2020 Episode Written Update (12/2/2020)

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram Written Updates

kahat hanuman jai shri ram 12th February 2020 Written Episode Update, &Tv Serial “kahat hanuman jai shri ram 12 February 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Maruti Stops The Sunset To Save Kesari’s Life

Air Date: 12 February 2020

Full Written Update: kahat hanuman jai shri ram 12/2/2020 Episode Start with Kesari going to execute himself. Tara asks Anjani to trust Mahadev. Anjani says Mahadev will simply verify my life partner and bids to him mentioning that he do some wonder. She bids to him and sings bhajan. Devi Parvati asks with respect to whether he heard Devi Anjani’s supplications.

Mahadev says he is hearing his mother’s petitions, exhorts that whatever ought to be done, can’t abstain from being done by Maruti in a manner of speaking. Maruti is examining for the elephant and offers to Ram, mentioning that he control what to do. Kesari takes his sword.

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Anjani rings the ring and petitions Mahadev. The detestable existences smile seeing the sun is going to see and Kesari arranged to butcher himself. Surya Dev is showed up and he teaches that the day is with respect to end and takes him to inverse side.

Maruti continues glancing through elephant. He goes to Shri Ram and says my father’s life is in a troublesome circumstance. He demands that he give some way and audits his swear. He gets an idea and says in case sun don’t set, by then? He walks to some degree more and looks sun.

He petitions Mahadev, Vishnu and says every one of you are eyewitness of my bhakti for Ram. He says if my bhakti is straightforward, by then the sun won’t set until my steps are here. His leg proceeds the way on the surya dev’s chariot.

Sevika lights up Anjani about sun being torpid and not evaporating. Kesari will execute himself, when Sugreev comes and stops him enlightening him about forever. Anjani petitions mahadev. The Sumeru people cheer for them seeing the eminent nature.

Rakhtasur explodes. Surya Dev asks who is he and attacks Maruti’s leg with the fire, yet nothing happens to Maruti. Dev raj indra lands at consider someone ending Surya Dev’s chariot. Narad affects Devraj Indra against Maruti.

Dev raj Indra says I will go there with all the devtas and will make his astitva end. Surya Dev thinks his powers are nothing infront of this imperceptible person’s leg. Nandi and bhringi values Maruti’s powers. Parvati says it is Maruti’s undertaking to save his father’s live.

Mahadev says Maruti can viably save his loved ones. Devraj Indra comes to Surya Dev with various Devtas. He says your pressure completed, by and by I have come. Surya Dev asks who right? Devraj Indra says whoever he can’t avoid being, he has tried me and I will hurl him out.

Devraj Indra asks Varun Dev to make the leg leave from the way using the staggering breeze. Varun Dev endeavors to push the leg and used all of his powers, yet he is pushed back. Devraj Indra asks Agnidev to devour the leg with his fire. Agni Dev endeavors to devour him, anyway he himself tumbles down.

Diverse Devs furthermore endeavors, yet couldn’t hurt Maruti’s leg. Devraj Indra says I have to achieve something and solicitations that all Devs ambush together. Maruti is up ’til now standing and smiling.

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