Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 30th March 2022 Episode Written Update (30/3/2022)

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 30th March 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 30th March 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Gungun praises Anubhav infront of Maya’s guest

Air Date: 30th March 2022

Full Written Update: Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 30/3/2022 Episode Start with Maya’s companion ridicules at the Kulshreshth’s for living respectively in one house. Maya lets Kaamini know there are three additional individuals. Kaamini sees Golu and Yug are orchestrating the arrangement. She admonishes them for not making the courses of action on schedule. Maya tells Kaamini they are Anubhav’s uncle and sibling. Kaamini tells that she doesn’t realize they are family members of lucky man since she is watching them for some time accomplishing practically everything. She further adds their garments are so modest so she believed that they are laborer’s. She then, at that point, says why they are working this much since these days even specialist’s can’t work this much even after they gets compensated.

Golu lets Kaamini know that they are embarrassed about working like a laborers in this party. They are groom family doesn’t mean they don’t need to help the lady family in the party game plans. Chandru tells that they think about Gungun as their little girl so nothing out of sorts in this. Garima acclaims the Kulshreshth’s truism Gungun is exceptionally fortunate to be essential for their family which irritates Maya. Gungun comes ground floor. Her companions encompasses her asking where is her fiancee. They additionally jokes her fiancee more likely than not left her subsequent to seeing her indignation and giggles.

Gungun hears somebody is calling out to her and she looks and track down its Sarvam. Sarvam lets Gungun know that her hashtag is so exhausting. Gungun tells marriage occurs with lady of the hour and husband to be not with the hashtag. Sarvam convinces Gungun to have a beverage and nibble with him yet the last option rejects. He asks her not to show her annoyance which is intended to be for her fiancee on him on the grounds that its not his misstep he is late. Gungun tells that Anubhav is occupied in light of the fact that he is a Scientist. Sarvam taunts and tells that he can hardly wait to see the Scientist fiancee of her’s.

Anubhav enters the party setting in his work garments. Gungun gets blissful seeing him. Anubhav acquaints himself with Sarvam and the last option taunts at him. Anubhav affronts Sarvam which fulfills Gungun. Gungun then hauls Anubhav to the room.

The two of them hears Gungun’s companions are discussing Anubhav’s garments are bad and deriding at him. Gungun admonishes Anubhav for not wearing a suit and questions him why he is late. She additionally asks is he is with Akruti. Anubhav tells that he is with Akruti and he is the person who saved her from the fire which trapped in the lab and he dropped her in her lodging and that is the explanation he was late. Gungun becomes stressed and asks him how is Akruti now. Anubhav asks her not to concern it is fine to say Akruti.

He likewise tells that he wear suit on extraordinary events as it were. Gungun questions don’t he consider their pre wedding party as their exceptional event which makes Anubhav confused. She then, at that point, calls somebody and requests to bring the husband to be plan b. Anubhav asks what is and Gungun jokes there is another man of the hour.

Anubhav jokes back requesting that she wed that man of the hour. The specialist brings suit yet Anubhav won’t wear it which lead Gungun to chide him. Gungun attempts to open the shirt button of Anubhav to assist him with changing however Anubhav stops her and requests that she go out then he will change into the garments. Gungun hangs tight for Anubhav outside the room. She gets hypnotized seeing Anubhav in a suit. Yet, she covers her adoration and jokes that he resembles a human. The two of them enters the setting where everybody is together. The visitors says they are made for one another. Charu acclaims Anubhav and Gungun with the Maha Kavi’s sonnet.

He asks Anubhav for what valid reason he is late however Sunanda chastens him and Goli stops her before it transforms into a contention between them. Sargam requests that Sunanda do the custom. Sunanda does this. Maya and Kaamini watches this from far. The last option says that she can’t completely accept that they actually have confidence in such offbeat things to which Maya says they are uneducated.

Maya goes to Ridesh and lets him know Anubhav has arrived. Ridesh and Maya welcomes Anubhav. Maya says Anubhav looks attractive additionally asks him for what reason he was late. Anubhav expresses gratitude toward her for the commendation. He additionally tells there was a few crisis that is the reason he was late and apologizes to her. Golu and pack questions Anubhav about his suit. Maya insults expressing others’ things generally looks great on them stunning everybody. Gungun asks Maya for what valid reason did she directed such sentiments toward which Maya says that she didnt implied for Anubhav.

Garima gets some information about Akruti and Anubhav tells Akruti is having a cerebral pain however Garima gets miserable reasoning its Akruti’s reason to not to come to the party. Gungun tells Garima that Akruti is for sure wiped out. She then, at that point, goes to Anubhav who is with Maya and her companions. Maya discusses Kaamini and Sarvam’s pay. Gungun taunts at Kaamini and Sarvam and acclaims Anubhav and says he resembles a VIP which shocks Anubhav.

Sarvam asks that implies he should acquire a lot. He jokingly asks where he conceals all the cash. Anubhav tells that he dont need to stow away from annual duty officials since he dont conceal anything. Maya taunts how Anubhav’s home resembles. Kaamini and Sarvam giggles which infuriates Gungun. Anubhav lets Kaamini and Sarvam know that they demanded so he will uncover his pay and tells that its less that her age just making Gungun snicker uproariously. Maya and her companion looks irate.

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