Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th February 2022 Episode Written Update (18/02/2022)

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th February 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18th February 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.tv.

Episode Name: Anubhav gets confused by Akruti’s behavior towards him

Air Date: 18th February 2022

Full Written Update: Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 18/02/2022 Episode Start with Akruti in lab seen taking care of her responsibilities. Anubhav comes there and tells that something isn’t quite right about the archives and it’s not counting with the one he has. He asks her what’s the justification for what valid reason she is these days lacking behind in her work. Akruti tells that she had some significant work to do. Anubhav lets Akruti know that they need to present this in Geneva college on Monday yet its crossed. Akruti apologizes and tells that she will current it.

Anubhav chastens her and tells that for him the work is more significant so he forgets some of the time that individuals work here have their own life. Akruti tells that she cherishes science and appreciative on account of that she ready to meet him. She likewise tells for their senior junior relationship its significant as well. The two of them gets hindered by Ridesh call who says thanks to Anubhav for helping Gungun additionally lets him know that Gungun isn’t feeling good. Anubhav converses with him for some time then, at that point, disengages the call saying he will converse with him later. In the Anubhav tells Akruti its Ridesh her uncle who called him.

Akruti asks the purpose for his call. Anubhav tells nothing significant. Akruti tells that she had seen him getting calls from relatives so she thought this is additionally a significant call. Anubhav tells Akruti the manner in which she focused on him the same way she give significance to her work then she will accomplish everything. Akruti asks Anubhav is he saying that she isn’t diligent.

Anubhav tells her that she aspirations yet she is deficient with regards to concentrate on the off chance that she further develops it, she can arrive at statures. He additionally tells Akruti that Gungun visited their home and cut her finger now she has high fever. Akruti asks Anubhav is he going to visit her. Anubhav jokes. He then, at that point, advises Akruti to focus on her work saying colleaguestold she isn’t working intrigued the way in which she used to. Akruti tells that she adores working and she will put forth a valiant effort.

Gungun asks Ridesh everything that Maddy said to him. Ridesh grins and asks who is Maddy. Gungun tells Ridesh that Anubhav is Maddy. Ridesh tells Gungun that Anubhav told him not to say thanks to him for everything. Gungun tells that she additionally told something similar however he didn’t tune in. Ridesh lets Gungun know that idiom thank you is vital likewise when an individual says no compelling reason to say thank you like Anubhav then, at that point, its show the way in which that individual is an aware one. Gungun asks Ridesh what else Anubhav told.

Ridesh says that Anubhav is occupied in his work so he needed to cut the discussion in no time. Gungun becomes upset and tells Ridesh that Anubhav is behaving like that he is the main individual who is working. She lets Ridesh know that he called him yet Anubhav essentially flaunting and disengaging the call which isn’t right. Ridesh grins and says dislike that. Garima requests that Gungun have turmeric milk however Ridesh tells her that he has given her medication as of now. Garima tells it will work as the need should arise however before that Gungun needs to drink the turmeric milk.

Gungun tells that she dont need anything additionally requests that Ridesh give all the medication to his cherished Anubhav likewise infuse him with a colossal infusion. Ridesh and Garima grins at her conduct. Ridesh leaves the spot. Garima asks Gungun for what reason she is upset to which Gungun tells that Risdesh enlightened Anubhav regarding her fever however he not even when asked how can she feel and pivots to rest. Garima grins and thinks once there was a period Gungun not have any desire to ponder conversing with Anubhav however here she needs Anubhav to converse with her.

Anubhav comes to Ridesh’s home. He calls him. Ridesh gets cheerful and asks him the purpose for his call. Anubhav gets some information about Gungun’s fever. Ridesh tells the temperature isn’t diminished at this point. Anubhav advises Ridesh that he needs to visit Gungun in light of the fact that in their family it was informed they need to visit when the relatives become ill. Ridesh gets cheerful and tells that he can visit. He then, at that point, calls Garima who comes there and asks Ridesh what occurred for what good reason he is yelling.

Ridesh tells that Anubhav is approaching see Gungun. Garima gets blissful and lets Ridesh know that implies Anubhav really focuses on her and it can change into something else. Anubhav tells himself that he wishes both Ridesh and Gungun dont take one more importance to his visit to their home. Garima lets Ridesh know that they need to let both Anubhav and Gungun hung out.

Ridesh stresses that the two of them might get into a battle. Garima tells let them be on the grounds that they need to consumed their time on earth together so they will become accustomed to one another conduct from now onwards that is awesome. She likewise requests that Ridesh come up with a rationalization saying he has a significant call and she will likewise bustling herself in the kitchen.

Gungun calls Garima and requests that she not to walk out on her but rather when the entryway chime rings Garima goes to see what its identity is. Ridesh and Garima invites Anubhav. Garima becomes annoyed with Ridesh’s gabbing about his ceaseless calls. She then, at that point, takes Anubhav to Gungun’s room where the last option disregards so Anubhav chooses to leave yet Garima stops him and requests that he converse with Gungun while she will proceed to bring something for himself and leaves the spot. Anubhav asks Gungun how is her fever. Gungun acts impolitely so Anubhav asks is she insane or something for what good reason she is acting thusly. Gungun tells that she dont need to converse with somebody who has more demeanor in his body that blood.

Anubhav asks is she had anything to which Gungun tells no yet presently he has arrived so her stomach will be loaded up with his insults and requests that he start. Anubhav proceeds to sit next to her. He then, at that point, gives her a chocolate saying when we pay visit to somebody they need to purchase desserts. He additionally reminds Gungun how she wouldn’t give him the cake which she brought to his home. The two of them gets into contention.

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