JNU Students Protest: JNU fees less than 4 central universities of the country, see list


New Delhi, Jagran Correspondent. The details of the annual tuition fees of five central universities were given by the JNU administration on Thursday. The teachers said that it was decided to increase the fees to conduct academic activities in an orderly manner. The university spends 10 crores out of its pocket every year on 16 hostels of the university, its fund does not get from UGC.

Teachers called the movement a leftist conspiracy

In the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) press conference, the teachers alleged that the ideological base of the Left has been eroding from across the country, thus reviving its ideological base by using the issue of increase in hostel fees as a means. being done. The interest of the students is just an excuse, in fact they have to create a movement against the system.

113 teachers of JNU have separated themselves from JNU Teachers Association. On Thursday, some teachers said that the teachers’ union remained silent on the ill treatment of the female teacher. Associate Dean Assistant Professor Dr. Vandana Mishra was held hostage by the agitating students for about 30 hours in the building of School of International Studies-2.

Earlier on October 28, student dean Prof. Also treated poorly with Umesh Kumar Kadam. On such inhuman criminal act, the JNU Teachers Association did not stop the students agitating nor condemned it. University’s Prof. on Thursday Ashwini Mohapatra, Prof. Brijesh Kumar Pandey, Prof. While speaking to the university, Mazhar Asif and Dr. Nagendra Srinivas told about the opinion of a total of 113 teachers, saying that after the violent incident with the teachers, the teachers union kept silence in the manner. So a total of 113 teachers are breaking ties with the JNU Teachers Association.

At the same time, teachers have termed the high-level committee constituted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to restore normalcy to academic activities in JNU as an interference in JNU’s autonomy.

Teachers union statement

Teachers union president DK Lobial said that we do not have information about any such decision by any section of teachers. The JNU Teachers Association is a collective body of all teachers, the concerns of all teachers are looked after appropriately.


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