JCI did mother-father worship


Jagran Correspondent, Jaunpur: Today, when people are forgetting Indian culture and adopting foreign culture, in such a situation, JCI organized Mother-Father Puja Day with the aim of saving Indian culture. The event was held at the Mother Sharada Shaktipeeth Maihar Devi Temple in Parmanatpur, under the chairmanship of Chairperson Kiran Seth.

He said that service and worship of parents is the best work in life. We can save our culture by doing similar works. During this time, all the children present performed aarti by applying tilak to their parents. Also took her blessing by bowing the head. In this sequence, former Mandal President Radheraman Jaiswal, former President Santosh Agarhari, Archana Dilip Singh described the program as conveying a good culture among children. Swarnima Krishna Kumar Jaiswal, Poonam Ramesh Srivastava, Dr. Sandeep Vishwakarma etc. were present on the occasion. Operations Secretary Hafeez Shah did. Program coordinator Preeti Ashutosh Jaiswal thanked. Colorful event on valentines day

Jaunpur: On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the JCI Jaunpur Classic organized a colorful program at a hotel in the city. Couples involved were feeling a romantic atmosphere dressed in red and pink colored clothes. Institution president Ajay Gupta welcomed everyone. Divisional Officer Madhusudan Banker and Foundation President Vishal Gupta also joined the family. Operations Abhitaash Gupta and Sujit Agarhari proposed the vote of thanks.


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