Jawalamukhi temple’s 2020 budget presented, development work to be done with crores of rupees


Jwalamukhi (Nitesh): An estimated budget of Rs 22 crore was passed for the year 2020 of Jwalamukhi Temple Trust. In the meeting of the temple trust, Ramesh Dhawala, vice-chairman of the Board of Planning, Assistant Temple Commissioner Jwalamukhi Ankush Sharma, Temple Officer Vishan Das Sharma and Temple Trust members were present. Details of the income and expenditure of the temple were presented in the meeting. The temple is estimated to have an income of around Rs 15 crore in the year 2020 from all sources.

The temple trust will receive 14 crore 98 lakh from various hymns in 2020. Apart from this, the total expenditure of the temple trust in 2020 will be 22 crore 99 lakhs. About 10 crore rupees will be spent on development works. Apart from this, posts of sevadars will also be filled in various temples and financial assistance will also be provided in the Red Cross. Assistance to poor families was also discussed. Assistant temple officer AK Guleri, temple trust member priest Madhusudan Sharma, Prashant Sharma, Saurabh Sharma, Krishna Swaroop, Shashi Chaudhary, Shailesh Sharma, clerical Kamal Thakur, Baldev Singh, Manohar Lal and all government and non-government temple trust members were present in the meeting.

These works will be worn
In the development works, 50 lakhs for Bhairav ‚Äč‚Äčtemple by temple trust, 30 lakhs for water tanks and pipes in Teheda temple, 10 lakhs for channelizing the drain of Langar Bhawan, 10 lakhs for brass grill in temple, painting and 10 lakhs for distemper, 10 lakhs for musical fountains, 5 lakhs for dhange behind dispensary, 10 lakhs for fly over orbit, 3 lakhs for grill of Sanskrit college, renovations of Teheda temple 35 lakhs, 10 lakhs for the renovation of Akbar Canal, 25 lakhs for changing the Marvel of the temple, 20 lakhs for the boundary walls of the temple, 1 crore for the inn, 25 million for the solar system, 8 lakhs for the Mother House, 8 lakh for the Clock Room, 15 lakh for Gauri Kund and 2 crore for the Community Center and lakhs of rupees will also be spent on other works. In all, 9.76 crore rupees will be spent on progress in the year 2020.


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