Jalandhar’s Hasina crores of thugs Canada absconding, know what is the matter


Ludhiana (Naveen): Seeing the glitter of foreign countries, the gullible people of Punjab keep hearing about the thug travel agents, but when the beautiful girl became a travel agent and flew to Canada by cheating crores of rupees Everyone is shocked to hear. Many people from Batala, Mansa, Mohali and Chhana were victims of such a swindle.

Suffering Lord Singh told that this lady of our Jalandhar, who had run her study center in Jalandhar 2 years ago, related to sending her to Canada by Canadian start-up visa, assured us that she has a firm in Canada through which she starts a start-up visa. Canada can send us sure by issuing that too in just 2 months.

Bhagwan Singh said that coming to the talk of the said woman, we gave her 12 lakh rupees in advance and after taking 12 lakhs, we came to know that the woman had gone to Canada and after going to Canada, she assured us by calling WhatsApp that you Don’t worry, I am preparing your paper. You add more money to this company’s account. According to Bhagwan Singh, in this way the said thug lady took about 70 lakh rupees by taking them in confidence, of which we have all the proofs.

Bhagwan Singh said that not only that, many people from Punjab’s Batala, Mansa, Mohali and Pune have also been victims of the swindle of the said female thug travel agent. The woman is running her office in Calgiri by cheating crores of rupees from Punjab. Now when we ask for the money back in the event of no work, he says that he has acquaintance with many high police officers of Punjab, if over-harassed, he will implicate in some other case.

Bhagwan Singh, while interacting with reporters, said that against the woman, the DGP A complaint has been made to the Punjab and Canada High Authority that the said woman, who was cheating crores of rupees from Punjab, be sent back to Punjab and the Punjab Police should file a case against the woman and get our money back. On the other hand, it has been found that the woman who has reached the Calgiri of Canada by cheating crores of rupees from Punjab, has bought a luxurious bungalow worth about 15 crores according to Indian currency.


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