Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th Nov 2020 Episode Written Update (30/11/2020)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Updates

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30th November 2020 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial “Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30 November 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Vihaan Stops Riddhima-Kabir’s Marriage

Air Date: 30 November 2020

Full Written Update: Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 30/11/2020 Episode Start with He murmurs that he revealed to her this wedding will occur and she ought to become accustomed to be called Mrs Kabir. Ridhima thinks she’d preferably bite the dust. They proceed with the wedding customs. Dadi wishes Vansh was there. Kanyadaan must be done and Kabir asks Dadi to do that. Dadi does that and asks why God grabbed her Vansh from her. Kabir expresses gratitude toward her and afterward murmurs to Ridhima that the individual who cherishes her the most has offered her to him. Ridhima takes a gander at the entryway and feels that Vihaan has left no choice for her.

The pandit says that the lucky man can make the lady of the hour wear mangalsutra yet Kabir gets stunned to see that the mangalsutra isn’t in the crate. Anupriya asks where it is. Pandit says that the wedding can’t occur without mangalsutra. Kabir dangers Ridhima that it will be the latest night for her family on the off chance that she is behind stowing away the mangalsutra. Ridhima takes a gander at Ishani who is grinning and comprehends she has done this, helping her accidentally. Ishani got the mangalsutra. None can discover the mangalsutra. Angre asks Ishani on the off chance that she has taken the mangalsutra. Ishani shows it close to her. Angre discloses to her that she has worked superbly.

Kabir hiddenly passes some cash to the Pandit who takes it and afterward says that the husband to be can make the lady wear the mangalsutra the next day at this equivalent time and the wedding will be viewed as finished. She approaches them to defend the pledges. Ridhima and Kabir begin taking pledges. Ridhima recalls her minutes with Vansh.

They begin taking the seventh promise. Ridhima thinks she has made a decent attempt to stop this wedding yet to no end and she can’t allow this to occur while throughout everyday life so she has only one way left and that will take her closer to Vansh. Ridhima thinks to end her. She takes a gander at the fire.

Abruptly a ton of smoke comes and everybody eases off from mandap. Kabir discloses to Ridhima that not even God can stop this wedding. Ridhima advises him that she said she’d preferably bite the dust over wedding him. She takes out a toxic substance bottle and is going to taste it.

Before Ridhima can have the toxic substance, Vihaan strolls in as Vansh and says that the wedding can’t occur. Everybody is stunned to see him. Ridhima grins. Dadi tumbles down. Ridhima hurries to him and embraces him. He embraces her back. Dadi says that her Vansh is back. Ridhima murmurs to Vihaan that this isn’t the best approach to appear and inquires as to why he wasn’t getting her calls. He answers that saint’s entrance happens like this as it were.

Vihaan holds Ridhima’s hand and strolls ahead asking Kabir whether he won’t invite Vansh Raisinghania who has returned to his rule. He takes endowments from Dadi who says that she accepts to God more than before now. Vihaan says that she needed to get back the products of doing every one of those hawans. He embraces her.

Anupriya considers how this is conceivable. She says that she hasn’t actually observed such a bad dream and asks Kabir what to do now. Kabir requests that her unwind and handle the circumstance. Kabir is certain that this isn’t Vansh.

Ishani stops Vihaan. Ridhima contemplates whether she presumes that he isn’t Vansh. Vihaan apologizes to Ishani since she endured to such an extent. Ishani cries and says that it isn’t reasonable. Vihaan vows to keep her more joyful. Ishani requests that he guarantee first that he won’t leave them until the end of time. He guarantees that and they embrace. He gets some information about Siya. She discloses to him that she is back home yet at the same time in trance like state.

Vihaan guarantees her that all will be well since he is back. Vihaan meets Angre and afterward moves to Chanchal requesting that he bring in any event a phony grin all over. She says that she is glad however he is simply appearing to be unique as he has no facial hair. He answers that in medical clinic they changed his face a piece while treating him.

Anupriya genuinely meets Vihaan and says that she was petitioning God for him getting spared. Vihaan tells that he fell on trees and a resident protected him. He recounts the specific story that Ridhima had disclosed him to tell.

Vihaan goes to remain before Kabir and says that he thought to shock the family however he didn’t anticipate getting astounded himself seeing him among her family. Kabir inquiries concerning his injuries getting mended in only 16 days. He shows one injury on his arm and answers that injuries on body mends yet not those incurred on heart. Anupriya contemplates whether she came to think about her disloyalty.

Vihaan asks what Kabir is doing there. Ishani uncovers that he is the tragically missing offspring of Anupriya. Vansh sees how unintentionally the lost child returned full grown before his mom. Chanchal characterizes it a supernatural occurrence however Vansh says that it’s each of the a major incident and everybody accepted the story.

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