Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26 May 2021 Episode Written Update (26/05/2021)

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Updates

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Colors TV Serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26 May 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Vyom Gets Shot

Air Date: 26 May 2021

Full Written Update: Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 26/05/2021 Episode Start with Vyom educates that she doesn’t regarding it and solicitations her to give the jewel. Riddhima tells that she will give him the precious stone, in the event that he reveals to Vansh whereabouts or probably she will toss the jewel no doubt. Vyom reveals to Vansh’s whereabouts. Riddhima requests Vyom to take him to Vansh consequently she will give him the precious stone. She requests that Vyom continue to walk. Angre telephones Riddhima. The last enlightens Angre concerning her arrangement to Vyom. Angre tells that the jewel is vital to Vansh. Riddhima says nothing is a higher priority than Vansh to her. Angre tells that Vyom is perilous, he is catching her. The call gets disengaged because of helpless organization. Angre breaks the telephone out of resentment and shouts that Riddhima is fouling up.

Then Riddhima arrives at the area. She requests that Vyom stand by outside. She heads inside and doesn’t discover Vansh, however she discovers his handkerchief with blood on it. Riddhima faces Vyom. She focuses weapon at Vyom and hollers where Vansh is. Vyom tells that Vansh is here and requests to give him the precious stone. The hooligans come there. The thugs point firearm at Riddhima and request to return the jewel. Vyom advises Riddhima to give them the precious stone. Riddhima denies. Riddhima says that ladies aren’t feeble and when it’s about their significant other, they are the most perilous. Riddhima shoots one hooligan and Vyom kicks the other thug’s firearm. The hooligan shoots Riddhima, yet Vyom comes before them and takes the slug. Riddhima shoots that thug.

Riddhima asks Vyom for what good reason he saved her. Vyom requests the precious stone. Riddhima understands that she doesn’t have the precious stone and advises it might have fallen some place. Vyom tells that he needs that precious stone. He has given the area and satisfied the guarantee and now it’s her turn. Riddhima rehashes that she doesn’t have the jewel. She requests that he quiet down, he’s dying. Vyom tells that the jewel is a higher priority than his live. Riddhima asks what is unique around there. Vyom focuses weapon at Riddhima and yells he needs the precious stone. Riddhima says that he will not shoot her else he would have saved her. Vyom says that he saved her child not her. He requests the precious stone and takes steps to shoot her. Riddhima leaves requesting to do anything he desires. Vyom shoots noticeable all around.

Dadi yells at Riddhima for confiding in Vyom. She reprimands Riddhima for placing Vansh’s life at serious risk. Riddhima asks how she became acquainted with this. Dadi tells that Angre revealed to her beginning and end. Dadi tells that Vyom tricked her. Riddhima says that Vansh was there, yet he was got moved to somewhere else before they could contact her. Angre says it’s Vyom’s snare. Riddhima denies and says she’s feeling like Vyom coming clean. She says that she trusts Vyom. Dadi chastens Riddhima. She inquires as to whether she has given the precious stone to Vyom. Riddhima answers no.

Dadi says say thanks to God and requests to give her the precious stone. Riddhima tells that she doesn’t have the jewel, it may have fallen some place. Dadi charges Riddhima and reveals to it’s Riddhima’s arrangement to discolor their standing and she needs Vansh to get murdered by his foes. Riddhima asks Dadi how she can think like that. Angre upholds Riddhima. Dadi chides him and requests to go to discover the jewel. Dadi tells that Riddhima is misfortune for them and she raises just ruckus. Dadi leaves. Sia guarantees Riddhima that Vansh will be back and she can impart her concerns to her. Riddhima feels that she can’t confide in Sia. Riddhima gestures alright and leaves. Sia gets cheerful reasoning that Riddhima believes her and Vyom will be glad hearing this.

Vyom is looking through the jewel in the train box. He peruses message composed on a cardboard and understands that Vansh and Riddhima are playing with him. Riddhima would have perused this message when she has come here looking through Vansh. In the lodging, Riddhima reviews her minutes with Vansh and cries. She misses Vansh. Vansh goes to the inn. Riddhima sense his quality. She races to discover him. She sees him and pursue him. She emerges from the inn.

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