Ishk Par Zor Nahin 26th July 2021 Episode Written Update (26/07/2021)

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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 26th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv Ishk Par Zor Nahin  26th July 2021 Written Update on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Ahaan’s Romantic Surprise

Air Date: 26th July 2021

Full Written Update: Ishk Par Zor Nahin 26/07/2021 Episode Start with Dadi says Savitri got saved again due to Ishqi, it will not be not difficult to get Savitri now, assuming she advises everything to Ahaan… no, she doesn’t have a lot of boldness. Maasi says Ahaan you here… Ishqi stresses. Dadi gets Sarla’s call. Sarla asks are you prepared for my kitty party, come soon. Dadi says indeed, I will come. She says this current lady’s dramatization never closes, I will endure her or manage Savitri. Ahaan inquires as to for what reason didn’t you advise me in the event that you were not well.

Maasi says she is fine at this point. He inquires as to for what reason didn’t you call me, its great I became more acquainted with you are here, what occurred, what doctored say. Ishqi asks how could you know I m here. He says I had introduced following application in your telephone, in the event that you get unwell, I can contact you. She asks were you keeping an eye on me. He says no, I m stressed for you. Maasi says he adores you a ton. Ishqi figures specialist will take Savitri’s name. She expresses profound gratitude, I will take the prescriptions. She confounds the specialist.

Ahaan asks will she be alright. Specialist says yes. Ishqi says don’t freeze, you have transformed into a covert agent. Specialist says patient requirements rest for 12 hours. Ahaan requests sugar level. Specialist asks is the patient diabetic. Ahaan asks don’t you know it, for what reason are you treating her. Specialist says I simply realize that she is in pressure. Ahaan asks Ishqi are you in pressure. Ishqi says we as a whole are in pressure. Maasi says Ahaan, you take Ishqi. Specialist says indeed, she can go. Ahaan says you said she needs 12 hours rest. Specialist says yes.

Ahaan asks what are you saying. Maasi says relax, I m with the patient. Specialist says fine, call me if there is any issue. Ishqi says take me home, I will do as you say. They go. Ahaan brings Ishqi home. He says you ought to have revealed to me that you are not well, you told Maasi. Ishqi inquires as to for what reason do you have an issue, that I didn’t advise you or that I went with Maasi. He says both. She says aw, when you reprove me, you look hot than those hot samosas, I love you when you care for me. He says I m truly resentful, you simply battle with me constantly. She asks do I battle. He asks then do I battle. They contend.

He requests that she rest, where is she going. She says you have the tracker, track and see. She thinks sorry, I realize you love me a ton, you care for me, however I need to counterfeit this battle to shroud my untruth. Dadi is with Sarla in the kitty party. Sarla and Ginni gloat of the gathering. Dadi figures I would have slapped Sarla on the off chance that she wasn’t Sonu’s Saas. Riya comes and welcomes them. Sarla says it’s anything but Riya’s error, how will she respond if a person dumps her for the good of a helpless young lady. Suraj says Dadi stooped so low, I would have not released Savitri alone. Maasi says Savitri showed mental fortitude and got away. He says due to Ishqi.

Dadi says its old matter at this point. Sarla says you are gold, that you have acknowledged Ishqi, you are meeting these individuals well, yet they are hoodlums. Riya blows up and says Dadi has a major heart, that is the reason she acknowledged Ishqi, how is she now. Dadi asks how would you realize that she is unwell. Riya says I had seen her at the clinic with her Maasi and a woman. Suraj says I need to converse with Dadi in her language, Savitri isn’t the only one and powerless. He goes. Maasi stresses. Riya says Ishqi was looking stressed. She goes. Dadi figures when did Ishqi go to the medical clinic, who was that lady. Ishqi sits tight for Ahaan. He comes and embraces her.

He asks isn’t it heartfelt. She asks did you do this for me. He says indeed, I will show you how heartfelt I m. He shows I love you board. They dance. Hit se hua… .plays… Dadi thinks did Ahaan know this, for what reason didn’t he advise me. Sarla asks what is he doing here. Somebody comes. Sarla requests that Dadi see that man is taking a gander at her. Dadi stresses. Ishqi says let me go. Ahaan says you need to say that I m extremely heartfelt, else I will demonstrate it. She asks how. He says by kissing you. She says this isn’t you. He says I m not the equivalent in the wake of meeting you, advise me, will you kiss or acknowledge that I m heartfelt. Mahiya… .plays…

She says Chachi… . also, flees. He hacks and sits. She asks what occurred. He gets her. He says I m saying once and for all, kiss or acknowledge. They have a kiss. Kartik gets down on Ahaan. Ahaan asks what’s his concern.

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