Ishk Par Zor Nahin 2 June 2021 Episode Written Update (02/06/2021)

Ishk Par Zor Nahin TV Show Written Updates

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv Serial “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH) 2 June 2021

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Episode Name: Ishqi reveals the truth of Mayank!

Air Date: 2 June 2021

Full Written Update: Ishk Par Zor Nahin 02/06/2021 Episode Start with  Dadi signs her men to get Savitri. Savitri gets hijacked. Sonu finds out about Ishqi’s capture. Ahaan says she got captured by her quiet, she went with the police herself. Sonu inquires as to why. Sarla stops Sonu and says avoid Ishqi. Raj upholds Sonu. Ishqi gets Mayank’s call. Mayank says I m missing you. She asks what amount did you pay that director and server. He says a great deal, you ought to have consented to wed me, I have won. She says I have slapped you hard, right. She reproves him. He says I will see you. She cries. Ahaan sees the AC and inquires as to for what reason are you putting the temp at 16, you will fall wiped out.

He reviews Ishqi. Riya says I don’t feel cold unexpectedly early, I realize you are disturbed, Sonu got hitched, yet not how you would have preferred. Ahaan says Mayank was anything but an ideal life partner, however he was concerned for Ishqi, for what reason did Ishqi say that Mayank spiked her beverage, for what reason would anybody do that. She says you are correct. Mayank calls Ahaan and requests that he come. Ahaan says Mayank needs me, I will just come. He goes. Maasi embraces Ishqi. She says you broke your connection, why. Mayank says I had truly cherished Ishqi, yet she made meextremely upset. Ahaan says nothing will happen to uncle. He thinks I disdain myself and disdain Ishqi.

Maasi says Mayank is a pleasant man, he never lifted hand on you. Ishqi says he didn’t hit me, however he had given me a profound injury, its preferable to remain unmarried over wedding an off-base man. Maasi asks whom will you battle along. Ishqi says each and every individual who comes before me, you are with me, we will begin another life. Maasi gets a call and asks how might you make us out, you took the store. Ishqi asks what occurred. Maasi says the house proprietor removed us. Ishqi says I guarantee to fix everything, don’t cry. Maasi leaves. Ahaan asks the administrator not to keep Ishqi at work. The man concurs. Kartik comes and says you need to demolish her, you know why she did this.

Ahaan says she did this for me, Mayank and his father are addressing a cost, presently she will follow through on a cost. Kartik says I m not content with whatever occurred with Mayank, yet you are fouling up with Ishqi, she adores you. Ahaan says love is insignificant when it breaks a family, contempt is superior to that adoration. Kartik says she previously got rebuffed. Ahaan says her discipline ought to be huge, she will think often previously demolishing a family. Kartik asks would you be able to rest in harmony subsequent to doing this, you don’t share your sentiments, you stay trying to claim ignorance. Dadi harms Savitri. She asks how could you come in Sonu’s marriage, you will be rebuffed.

A man infuses medications to Savitri. Dadi says Savitri shouldn’t run from here, else I won’t leave you. Ishqi says I lost my employment and house, it will be intense, yet I will make everything once more, I have no real way to stop Mayank. Chachi asks Ahaan are you fine. Ahaan says Ishqi is narrow minded like mum, she destroyed everything for her covetousness. Chachi says be it coin or truth, it has different sides, attempt to know the opposite side. He says I attempted a great deal. She says in the event that you realize you are incorrect, your heart won’t ever pardon you. He goes. Thug takes Savitri in the vehicle. Kartik goes to see.

Maasi comes and requests that he accompany her. She says thanks to him for consenting to bail Ishqi. He says don’t stress, I confide in Ishqi. Ishqi emerges from the police headquarters. Maasi says I got Kartik here for your bail, who masterminded the bail. Kartik says Ahaan did. Ishqi gets Ahaan’s message. Ahaan composes reveal to me why you did this, I will uphold you on the off chance that you are correct. Ishqi leaves. Dadi asks where is Ahaan. Riya says I don’t have the foggiest idea, he is stressed since Ishqi’s capture, he recorded the protest, yet he is disturbed. Dadi says leave Ishqi, plan a shock for Ahaan. Ishqi figures Ahaan will get me, he will uphold me.

Ahaan sits tight for her at the pool side. Riya masterminds an amazement for him. Ishqi is in transit. She meets with a mishap by the vehicle in which Savitri is taken. Ahaan thinks about her. Its morning, he is as yet hanging tight for her. He figures you didn’t come Ishqi. Dadi asks what, did she kick the bucket in the mishap, fantastic. She says Savitri grabbed my child, I have grabbed her life. Ishqi comes there in an injured state. Dadi sees her and requests that she leave. Ishqi says I need to meet Ahaan once. Ahaan stops Dadi. He says Ishqi, you lost the last possibility.

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