Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 6th Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (6/3/2020)


Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 6th March 2020 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv Serial “Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 6 March 2020 Written Update”on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Shiv Arrested In Bribery Case

Air Date: 6 March 2020

Full Written Update: Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 6/3/2020 Episode Start with Dadaji tells family that by god’s tastefulness kid Ansh is protected and they should ignore this. Shiv says its not legitimately as both Yogi and Gunjan are idiotic and in need of a hearing aide and someone standard should be around Ansh. Prakash reprimands Yogi. Yogi says he won’t submit any mistake again. Shiv says he needs to take Gunjan and Yogi to US for treatment, yet since its difficult to get Yogi’s visa, he will take Gunjan first. Rani says it will be hard for Gunjan to manage Ansh alone.

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Dadaji asks Gunjan what she needs. Gunjan signals she needs to get well for Ansh. Yogi hails that he will manage Ansh. Vivek asks by what technique can just he. Rani says whole family will manage Ansh. Shiv says he will fix clinical test multi week from now by then and invites Srivastav family for a social affair at his home multi week from now. Seema gets a message that 50 lakhs have been moved into her record and teaches Shiv. Shiv says he doesn’t consider it.

Shiv finds that Greenlight association whose sensitive he went through a month prior moved money in Seema’s record and the record is presently closed. He reproves his partner and approaches to find for what legitimate explanation companied do that. Following seven days, Srivastav family needs a social affair. Shiv and Prakash’s show starts. Seema gets a message that her vehicle has been passed on. She exhibits it to Shiv who furthermore gets stressed. Srivastav family praises them. Shiv says he hasn’t the foggiest who moved 50 lakhs and gifted vehicle. Young people inspect when will they get ale. Seema demands that they go to yard.

Prerequisite directorate authorities strike Shiv’s home affirming him for tolerating payoffs. They search house and find money in records. Shiv says he has no idea how did this money come into his home. Official says he will be bolted up.

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