Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 2nd Mar 2020 Episode Written Update (2/3/2020)


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Episode Name: Sujoy Breaks Alliance With Pari

Air Date: 2 March 2020

Full Written Update: Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 2/3/2020 Episode Start with Mona confronts her ex Rohit over phone and says he understands very well how to agitate her, he can come here, yet Srivastav family will hit him with footwear. Pari’s mother walks around her and asks regarding whether she is fine. Mona says her partner had called, let us return to everyone. In parlor, Prakash affronts Shiv that he lost.

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Shiv says his daughter Gunjan will sing, anyway without voice. Pari walks around Gunjan and says she will sing soon. Daadi says these are Pari and Sujoy’s outstanding minutes, let us not waste them. Everyone asks whose turn is it now. Yogi signals Pari sings genuinely well. Kusum demands that Pari sing. Family moreover requests. Pari sings Piya Tose Naina Lage re… tune.. cleaning her tears and seeing Yogi staying behind Sujoy. Bablu asks about whether he has any answer now. Sujoy signs Tere Mere Sapne Ab Ek Rang Yogi imitates from behind. Pari leaves cleaning tears. Sujoy says he endeavored his best. Everyone commend him. Shiv says its Prakash’s gathering turn now.

Pari walks around yard and cries abundantly recalling her mother’s words. Yogi walks around her. She demands that he ignore her. Yogi signals let us return. Pari asks with respect to whether he didn’t fathom, go from here. He irately leaves. Rani with Gunjan walks around him and asks where is Pari. He gives her and indications she isn’t set up to tune in. Rani says Pari needs his assistance at the present time. Yogi leaves. Family continues antakshari. Pari’s mother says Pari isn’t at home.

Khushi says she isn’t even in her room. Pari calls Sujoy and solicitations that he meet her out. He exits and meets her in school van. He asks her what is she doing here. She says this isn’t just a school van, it is Yogi’s existence, at whatever point he breaks, he comes and cries here discreetly, even she does same. He sees scratch on her shoulder and asks how might it happen. She says she doesn’t review, to a great extent we don’t remember how might they get hurt. She asks with respect to whether she needs his help, he is continually arranged.

She says she understands he contemplates her, would he have the option to address 2 requests. He says yes. She asks do you love me. He says yes. She asks would you have the option to pardon me. She demands what. She says I can’t marry you, she endeavored to fix Yogi from her heart, yet she can’t. He chuckles and says heart looks like a parasite, it lives on warmth or misery given by veneration; he gets her and doesn’t have any grumblings. She asks with respect to whether he is sure. He says yes and asks what is the plan, Yogi can’t be back in her life. She says she knows, yet if she goes into someone’s life, she will lose herself. He asks in what way will they instruct family.

At home, Prakash asks concerning whether he tended to Pari. Sujoy returns holding Pari’s hand. Family asks regarding whether she is fine, where she had gone. Dadaji asks what happened. Sujoy says he can’t marry Pari. Family is dazed hearing that. Prakash asks what garbage, Mona asks top is he telling. Yogi signals. Sujoy says this is truth. Vivek and Kabir asks concerning whether he needs to vilify them.

Dadaji says Pari’s life will be annihilated. Sujoy says he explained Pari well. Pari’s mother yells if its a joke for him, he himself agreed for this association. Sujoy says I am sorrowful. Mona says he treasures Pari. Sujoy says he doesn’t treasure Pari. Yogi holds his neck area and asks concerning whether there is any distortion in Pari. Sujoy says Pari is incredible, anyway he wouldn’t care to marry Pari. Pari says she herself wouldn’t prefer to marry Sujoy.

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 3 March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap:

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