International Pro Kabaddi player Pradeep Narwal’s spill pain, serious allegations against the government


Gohana (Sunil Jindal): Pradeep Narwal A Kabaddi player who not only has a cheetah but also has a worldwide reputation for his plunge-like stakes. Pradeep Narwal was born in village Riandhanna of Gohana, Sonepat, who brought kabaddi to the international stage by playing from his village’s kabaddi. The pain of these Pradeep has come out.

Pradeep Narwal said that he played the World Cup for the pride of the country in 2016, represented the country in the Asian Games in the year 2018, not only that in the Asian Championship in the year 2019, he also proved his ability and raised the value of the country. . The prize money for winning the World Cup and 2 championships is about Rs. 1 crore 15 lakh pending by the government.

Narwal has accused the government that it has been 4 years since the World Cup was played and the state government has kept crores of rupees till now. Pradeep Narwal was born in Haryana and all documents are related to Haryana Sonepat Gohana, but Pradeep Narwal is playing in Uttarakhand in India team. The state government is sitting on this. The same is happening to other players of Rohtak besides Pradeep Narwal.

Narwal said that he has met the new Sports Minister Sandeep many times and has told about his problem, but nothing comes apart from assurance. When the players representing the country have such a plight, how will the sports sector move forward. Now it will have to be seen whether the state government will understand this pain of Pradeep Narwal or will continue to give lollipops.


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