Indiawaali Maa 15 January 2021 Episode Written Update (15/01/2021)


Indiawaali Maa 15th Jan 2021 Written Episode Update, Sony Tv Serial “Indiawaali Maa 15 January 2021 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name:  Rohan Dislikes The Condition Of Anand Nagar

Air Date: 15 January 2021

Full Written Update: Indiawaali Maa 15/01/2021 Episode Start with  Kaku Takes Hasmukh To The Room And Cleans The Quarters. Rohan Speaks To The Officer In Anand Nagar That This Tax Value Is So High That People Must Sell Their Houses. The Officer Says People Here Are Not Ready To Sell Their Houses At Any Cost. They Have Emotions Attached To This Residency. Rohan Mocks That This Is A Major Problem In Their Country, People Attach Their Emotions To Such Smelly Things Here.

The Officer Says It Is Difficult To Convince People Here, Specially The Generation Of His Parents. Rohan Says His Parents Will Never Live Here.Kaku Was Cleaning One Of The Quarters In The Same Society. Rohan Meets Mr. Murti And Convinces Him To Handle This Case First By Holding Talks To The People. He Takes A Leave. Vasu Asks Mr. Murti If He Spoke To Rohan About Living With Cheenu For Fifteen Days.

Their Guests Will Arrive Tomorrow. Mr. Murti Wish Cheenu And Rohan Agree. May Be In Two Weeks She Change Her Mind To Leave The Country. Downstairs, Cheenu Was Asleep On A Chair. Rohan Takes A Book From Her Hand, It Was About The Company She Was Offered The Internship. She Tells Rohan It Is Really Mature Of Him That He Has No Objections About Her Decision. She Offers Him To Have Dinner.

They Sit Together And Discuss About Rohan’s Experience Working With Mr. Murti. Cheenu Compliments That Rohan Eats Exactly Like His Father. He Drops The Bite And Takes A Leave. Cheenu Says He Has Moved So Far Away From His Parents, He Does Not Like Their Mention. Rohan Interrupts That She Knows No History About Them. Cheenu Says He Is Being Wrong, But Rohan Asserts This Is Only How Cheenu Feels.

Kaku Was Done With Cleaning And Now Smoked Incenses In The House. She Gets A Call From Cheenu. Cheenu Asks If They Reached Safely. She Replies Yes She Did. Cheenu Says She Feels All Alone Even When In Her Dad’s House, Now She Is Here For A Few Days Only. Kaku Tells Cheenu She Wished Cheenu Becomes Her Daughter In Law, But It Is Good That She Will Now Be Their Daughter. Cheenu Tells Kaku Her Son Is Also Doing Fine. Kaku Notices Someone Outside The Window.

She Puts Up The Call And Go To See Outside, Suspiciously. It Was Dark. Kaku Uses The Torch Light Of Her Cell Phone And Goes Outside The Quarter With A Wooden Rod. She Turns On The Fuse Box, And Recalls Rohan Taught Her To Fix The Fuse While She Was Always Afraid Of Dark. She Fixes The Fuse Now. A Young Boy Appears From Behind And Mischievously Messes With The Fuse Again.

Meenu Jumps In Bed With Cheenu. She Apologizes Cheenu For Being So Rude, And Says She Missed Her. The Sisters Hug And Play Video Game Together. Meenu Discusses With Cheenu She Heard Her And Rohan Speak Formally To Each Other. Cheenu Tells Meenu She Moved On, And It Seems Rohan Also Moved On. Meenu Wonders How Relations Based On Love Can End So Soon; Should She Even Marry Or Not.

Cheenu Tells Her Not To Decide Her Life Based On Someone Else’s Life Experience. Meenu Thinks About Rohan And Shares With Cheenu She Wants To Marry. Cheenu Was Excited To Know How He Is. Meenu Tells Cheenu She Liked The Guy In Photo. Cheenu Advises Her To Meet Him First. Meenu Requests Cheenu’s Promise To Always Help Her Marrying The One She Likes.

Kaku Held The Wooden Stick In Hand And Shouts Who It Is, Why He Is Messing With Her Residence’s Electricity Connection. A Young Robber Attacks Kaku From Behind And Takes All The Money From Her Belt. Kaku Runs Behind The Robber And Screams For Help.

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