Indian Foreign Minister gives strong message to China, attack planned, will have deep impact on bilateral relations


Jayaprakash Ranjan, New Delhi. The developments in Galvan Valley on Monday have brought out the deep tension in the relations between India and China. It has also become clear that this tension will be prolonged and will also be seen. It was also evident in the meeting held between the foreign ministers of both countries on Wednesday. Foreign Minister S Jaishankar bluntly told Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi that the Chinese side had unexpectedly attacked Indian troops in a planned manner in the Galvan Valley that would have a profound impact on the bilateral relations between the two countries.

On the other hand, the stance of Foreign Minister Yi has also been very talkative and he has said in a threatening tone that India should assess the current situation correctly. It is just a matter of hope that in the statement issued by both sides, in the end it has been said that they will handle the situation and will follow the agreement reached in the military-level talks between the two countries on June 6, 2020 for the restoration of peace. Wang Yi is the two foreign ministers who have known each other for years and are in constant touch. Despite this, the manner in which the heated conversation has taken place between them suggests a new turning point in bilateral relations.

The death of 20 Indian soldiers in Galvan has changed the entire equation of relationship between the two countries. In a statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, it has been said that the Indian Foreign Minister expressed his displeasure in very strong words. He said that in order to implement the consent made at the Senior Commander level talks on 6 June, talks were also being held between the local authorities on both sides. Things were improving as China tried to put a structure in the Indian territory (Galvan) of the Line of Actual Control (LAC).


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