IN PICS: Delhi sizzles again on second day of Lockdown-4, you will be shocked to see pictures


New Delhi, Jagran Correspondent. On the second day of Lockdown-4, there was a terrible jam in Delhi. The jam on Tuesday was much more than that of Monday. Initially on Tuesday afternoon, the workers sitting near the Ghazipur border started getting jammed. Delhi Police barricaded traffic near Seraikale Khan as a precautionary measure and prevented traffic from coming to Ghazipur. After this, the scope of the jam continued to increase. Long queues of trains started here. The jam reached the growing ITO. This jam particularly affected the area of ​​East Delhi. Please tell that Kejriwal government has given many types of discounts in Delhi from today. This exemption permits opening of all private and government offices in Delhi. After this jam, people who came out of the office had to face a lot of trouble.

Concession in lockdown

Explain that the government has given concession in lockdown. However, no curfew is allowed in curfew since 7 pm. Therefore, people are leaving office early in the evening, so that the rules of lockdown are followed properly. In such times, the rules of lockdown can be broken by battling jams. Delhi Police is making every effort to end the jam. Some soldiers are constantly trying to get the jam open.

There was a jam on Monday as well

Earlier, as Lockdown-4 started on Monday, the number of vehicles plying in Delhi increased. Due to the investigation of these vehicles, the route leading from ITO towards Laxmi Nagar was blocked. Due to increasing number of vehicles throughout the day, about a kilometer long line was installed.


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