Imported products will no longer be available in army canteen, ban on sale of imported goods from abroad


New Delhi, Reuters. The central government has prohibited the sale of goods imported from abroad in the army canteen. This order of the government will be applicable to more than four thousand military canteen of the country. Till now, imported liquor, electronic equipment and other items were being sold from the army canteen. These goods were being made available at a discounted rate to army officers, jawans and ex-servicemen.

According to the information, on October 19, the government issued an order prohibiting the sale of foreign goods from the army canteen. The order said that the issue has been negotiated with the Army, Navy and Air Force between May and July. It was decided to stop the sale of foreign goods from the army canteen as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign aimed at promoting indigenous goods.

Although the order does not mention any specific product, it is understood that the sale of foreign liquor may be banned. According to the Institute for Defense Studies and Analysis, on an average, imported goods account for six to seven percent of the total goods sold from the army canteen.


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