Imlie 1st February 2023 Episode Written Update (1/2/2023)

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Imlie 1st February 2023 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Imlie 1 February 2023 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Imlie and Arto take an auto ride to have fun

Imlie Air Date: Imlie 1st February 2023

Full Written Update: Imlie 1/2/2023 Episode Start with Arto searching for taxi and he says God realizes who grumbled against them in the theater. Imlie figures she can figure Chini is behind this. Arto says no taxis are accessible for the present and Imlie encourages him to take an auto ride on the off chance that taxi isn’t accessible. Arto feels reluctant however at that point he concurs when she says they will have a good time. Arto calls the auto in soft tone and Imlie says he can call them boisterously as well. He says why she is prodding him? He requests that she call the auto herself. Rudra cautions Chini saying in the event that anything happens to Imlie and Arto on account of her, he won’t extra her. Chini says she destroyed Arto and Imlie’s film date exactly the way that Imlie demolished her arrangement with Arto. She gets out whatever is in the fate will occur, noone can stop that.

Rupy inquires as to whether all is well? Chini says without a doubt. Imlie stops an auto by whistling. Arto gets intrigued seeing her style. The driver drives gradually to which Arto says they will arrive at home late. They will book a taxi. Imlie says she will drive the auto rather than the driver. It was her fantasy to drive the auto one day. She requests that Arto hold the driver’s hand assuming he is getting apprehensive. Imlie shows them road slows down while driving. She then, at that point, chooses to eat Ice gola with Arto and the driver. She envisions Arto as the merchant who grins at her. They purchase inflatables and finally they arrive at home. The driver will not accept cash as he didn’t drive yet Imlie gives him the cash.

Arto says today they had loads of tomfoolery. He didn’t miss Chini by any means however when he ought to have been missed her in the event that he is enamored. Imlie asks him what’s the significance here? He says he doesn’t feel for Chini the same way. He advises Imlie to illuminate it to Chini. Imlie says she can help him however he needs to educate Chini regarding his own sentiments. She can’t do that for his benefit. Kia asks Chini how the last option has treated Arto and Imlie that they are not back yet. Chini says today Arto will acknowledge Imlie just brings inconvenience for him. Chini incites Rana’s maxim at whatever point Imlie is with Arto something wrong occurs with him. Shivani says say thanks to God somebody has same contemplations like her. Chini behaves like being worried for Imlie and Arto.

They return back home joyfully and Chini gets chafed. Arto illuminates everybody that Imlie drove the Auto. Rupy says now Chini doesn’t need to stress for them. Abhishek says Chini called him so he is here. Imlie thinks it implies Chini didn’t tell him yet she doesn’t adore him. Imlie questions Chini for how long she will involve Abhishek for her intention. She shouldn’t keep him in dim that way. Chini says Arto will fix up with her soon, till then Abhishek can appreciate her conversation. Imlie says she needs to involve Abhishek as an insurance contract. If she doesnt get Arto, she will pick Abhishek. Chini says she will grab Arto from her. Imlie says Arto isn’t a thing. She chooses to tell Chini’s reality to Abhishek and the last option feels uncertain. Imlie meets Abhishek. Chini says she will do something significant to stop Imlie.

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