Imlie 19th Nov 2020 Episode Written Update (19/11/2020)

Imlie Tv Show Written Updates

Imlie 19th November 2020 Written Episode Update, Star Plus TV Serial “Imlie 19 November 2020 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Imlie and Aditya meets with each other again

Air Date: 19 November 2020

Full Written Update: Imlie 19/11/2020 Episode Start with Imlie Prays That She Should Get Happiness Of Whole World And Should Get A Husband Like Vinod Khanna, Etc. She Carries Some More Food For Nakli Naani/Gandma. She Runs Towards Home When She See A Man Announcing About Drama In Mobile Cart And Snatching Mic From Him Gets On Cart And Announces That Their Village’s Girl Made Them Proud By Winning Scholarship.

Aditya Rides Sooty And Gets Call, He Rams His Bike On Cart Trying To Check Mobile. Imlie And Him Fall Down. He Gets Up And Helps Imlie Get Up. Imlie Yells At Him For Making Her Fall And Spoiling Her Food. He Says Its Just A Food And It Was A Mistake. She Gives Him A Long Lecture And Asks Villagers To Force Him To Apologize Her.

Villagers Angrily Walk Towards Aditya. Aditya Asks Not To Stretch A Simple Issue. Malini Calls Him Repeatedly And Seeing Him Not Picking Call Thinks He Said He Will Call After Reaching Pagdandiya, But Is Not Even Picking Her Call Now. Mother Notices Her And Says Aditya Doesn’t Even Have Time For Her, So She Should Forget Him And Find Someone Who Can Respect Her Feelings And Take Care Of Her. Father Interferes.

Mother Says She Doesn’t Want Her Daughter To Be Devoid Of Love And Ignored Like Her. Father Walks Away Saying He Has Some Work. Malini Tells Mother That Aditya Loves Him And Must Be Busy In Work. Back In Village, Imlie Continues Provoking Villagers. Villagers Say They Will Not Spare Aditya For Disrespecting Imlie. One Of Them Picks Camera And Asks What Is It. Aditya Says Its Camera And Clicks Their Pics.

They Get Happy And Ignore Imlie. He Clicks Even Imlie’s Pics Leaving Her Fuming. One Of Them Informs There Is An Issue Near Water Well. They All Rush Towards Water Well. Aditya Follows Them. Landlord Stops Villager From Fetching Water From Well. Villager Pleads And Says He Is Coming To Teach Him A Lesson.

Satyakam Enters And Says He Will Not Let Injustice Here And Tries To Fetch Water. Landlord Sends His Goons. Satyakam Trashes Them And Throwing Knife Near Landlord Warns Him That He Never Misses His Target And Spared Him Today. Landlord Tries To Frighten Him In Vain And Walks Way. Satyakam Fetches Water And Breaks Age Old Injustice Custom. Everyone Clap For Him. Aditya Clicks His Pictures. At Aditya’s House, His Mother Informs Youngsters Not To Make Any Mischief When Aditya’s Would Be In-Laws Come,

They Will Shower Their Love And Make Them Realize That Their Daughter Is Going In A Lovable Family. Rupali Jokes That She Is Eagerly Waiting For Aditya’s Wedding And Has Bought Many Sarees.. Nidhi Walks In And Starts Taunting And Fighting With Them. Rupali Gives Her A Befitting Reply, But Nidhi Continues. Mother Scolds Nidhi For Spoiling Family’s Mood And Father Consoles Her. Imlie Returns Home And Shows Her Scholarship Certificate To Her Mother. Mother Says She Knew She Would Win, So She Prepared Sweets For Her.

Nani Enters And Throws Laddoo Thali Away, Snatches Certificate And Pushes Imlie Far Away. Imlie Falls Half A Kilometer Away And Runs Towards Grandmother For five Minutes. Grandma Tears Certificate Before She Reaches. Precap: Imlie Tells Oodhiya Is Of Not Of 20 Rs. He Asks If Its Of 50 Rs, Villagers Loot City People.

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