Imlie 11th May 2022 Episode Written Update (11/5/2022)

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Imlie 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Star Plus “Imlie 11th May 2022 Written Update” on TellyUpdates.Tv

Episode Name: Aryan gets shot by an assassin

Air Date: Imlie 11th May 2022

Full Written Update: Imlie 11/5/2022 Episode Start with Aryan telling Imlie not to emerge from the vehicle, he keeps her telephone in everyday mode and gets things done for her security. He advises her to call him in the event that she is in a difficult situation. Imlie gets blissful seeing his anxiety. He leaves the vehicle sees Madhav is standing. Aryan goes to him to take the proof. He adulates Madhav’s endeavors and the last option says Imlie instructed everything to him well. Madhav leaves and unexpectedly one professional killer points firearm at Aryan and fires him.

Aryan has chance and tumbles down. Imlie sees him and races to him. The professional killer comes to take the proof from Aryan saying he can’t demonstrate anything against Rehan Bhai. Aryan holds the proof firmly and lets the professional killer know that regardless of whether I am dead, my better half will not lose trust on me. Professional killer is going to shoot him once more yet Imlie tosses a stone at his face utilizing her hairband. Nearby individuals come there and the professional killer leaves in the wake of grabbing the proof in some way. Imlie embraces Aryan and cries seeing him. She advises individuals to quickly call rescue vehicle. She contacts his injury and gets grief stricken.

Aryan gets owned up to the ICU and Imlie reviews how he saved him from risk. She illuminates Narmada and the last option shows up at the clinic with family. Imlie separates to tears. Narmada says why her child is experiencing this much everytime. Jyoti faults Imlie at the top of the priority list and says her energy isn’t viable to Aryan. Nila behaves like crying and says assuming that anything happens to Aryan who will assume the liability of his loved ones. Gudiya says Aryan doesn’t look great with the large wrap on his head. Narmada panics.

Jyoti approaches Nila and Gudiya and says I realize you don’t need Imlie in Aryan’s life. Jyoti says she needs something similar. Nila and Gudiya deny from the beginning however Jyoti says their activities talk everything and everybody knows in the family that they can’t stand Imlie. Gudiya asks Jyoti for what valid reason does she need Imlie and Aryan’s partition? Does she like Aryan as well? Gudiya adds Jyoti is only his school companion however she knows Aryan from youth so Aryan has a place with her in particular. Jyoti controls her annoyance and says ofcourse Aryan will be hers yet for that they should pay attention to Jyoti’s arrangement. Nila concurs and they become accomplices.

Specialist says the slug didn’t remain in the body however Aryan lost blood. He requests that Imlie orchestrate B negative blood. Imlie guarantees Narmada she will return soon. She demands medical attendant and calls others for help. She converses with the individual and argues. She gets some information about the blood bunch in web-based entertainment. Narmada goes to God and Jyoti says she will offer the response to her not the Universe. She leaves.

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