IIT Indore’s unique experiment, giving ancient knowledge of mathematics and science in Sanskrit to new generation


Indore, PTI Usually, the top engineering institutes in the country ie IITs study mathematics and science in English, but IIT Indore is doing a unique experiment these days. The institute is imparting ancient knowledge of these technical subjects to a new generation in Sanskrit. According to the news agency PTI, the Indian Institute of Technology in Indore has started its only one-of-a-kind online course to take mathematical and scientific knowledge of ancient texts of the country to a new generation.

In this online course, participants are being taught in Sanskrit medium. An IIT Indore official said that this online course is a quality improvement program (QIP) started from 22 August. This program is sponsored by All India Council for Technical Education, AICTE. It will be operated till October 2 with a total of 62 hours of online classes. More than 750 students from all over the world are attending the course.

The acting director of the institute Prof. Nilesh Kumar Jain says that ancient texts composed in Sanskrit have a rich heritage of mathematics and science. Most people of the current generation are unaware of this golden past. This course has been started to make them aware of this oldest knowledge in Sanskrit environment. Since the country’s new education policy has also been said to promote the study in Indian languages. Therefore, this course will inspire students to research the ancient knowledge of mathematics and science in Sanskrit.

The course is divided into two parts. In the first part Sanskrit understanding skills are developed. As part of the second part of the syllabus, two professors of IIT Mumbai are presenting classical lessons of mathematics in Sanskrit to the students. The syllabus of Lilavati, the prestigious book of famous 12th-century mathematician Bhaskaracharya (1114-1185), is also mentioned in this course. Aptitude test will also be conducted to evaluate the students involved in the second part of the course. Successful students in the examination will be given IIT Indore certificate.


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