If this show would have been so lucky…, when Archana Puran Singh had said about the show in front of Kapil


Kapil Sharma is known for his spot response. But Kapil, who is called King of Laughter, sometimes gets caught in his own words. Something similar happened when Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana arrived to promote one of his films. Kapil, who repeatedly made fun of Archana Puran Singh on his show, was then caught up in himself and was forced to hide his words about Archana.

Actually, Kapil was welcomed by Ayushman who reached to promote the film and then started saying that when his film is about to be released, he has been coming on the show so that he can promote the film. After this, Kapil had asked Archana Puran Singh a question. Kapil had asked Ayushman- Archana ji says that you always come to promote on our show. But what do you think, are you doing amazing films, doing good acting or is this show lucky for you?

On this question of Kapil, Ayushmann praised the show and said – Until he comes to promote his film on the show, the audience does not know that his film is coming. Kapil Phule did not agree on this answer of Ayushman. Not only this, Kapil hugged Ayushman for happiness. But the very next moment Archana Puran Singh said such a thing that the comedian’s happiness had evaporated the next moment and he turned his face to the other side in shame.

Archana Puran Singh told Ayushmann- If its show was so lucky, then its films would not be a hit either. On this matter of Archana, all the spectators present there along with Ayushman had also laughed a lot. At the same time, Kapil Sharma, who repeatedly pulled Archana, wandered to the other side in shame. Then Archana stopped speaking of Kapil with her present reply.


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