Hrithik Roshan Helps: Now Hrithik Roshan came forward to help the background dancers, know the whole matter


New Delhi Hrithik Roshan Helps: Due to Corona virus, the film industry has been greatly affected. The economic condition of many workers is quite poor due to the continuous shooting. These include Bollywood dancers as well. In such a difficult time, Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan has come forward to help those who desperately need it. Hrithik Roshan has deposited money in the accounts of around 100 Bollywood dancers. This is not the first time Hrithik Roshan has done something like this. He has been continuously helping people in the Corona era.

According to a report published in Hindustan Time, Hrithik helped the Bollywood dancers with whom he has worked and performed somewhere in the past. According to Hindustan Times, Bollywood songs dancer Coordinator Raj Surani said, ‘Hrithik Roshan has helped 100 dancers in this difficult situation. Many of these donors have returned to their villages. At the same time, some dancers are finding it difficult to pay the rent. Apart from all this, a dancer’s family has also been found to be corona virus positive. In such a situation, Hrithik Roshan’s help has come at a very important time for all of them.

Raj Surani also stated that the background dancers were quite happy when they got the message that money was transferred by Hrithik Roshan to their bank accounts. Raj thanked Hrithik Roshan for the dancers. Earlier, Hrithik Roshan of the epidemic has provided food to the people in association with ‘Akshaya Patra’. Apart from this, BMC workers have also given PPE kits and masks. Hrithik has also helped Paparaji (Bollywood Photographers) in difficult circumstances. Apart from Hrithik, actors like Sonu Sood and Akshay Kumar are also constantly helping people.


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