House Arrest: ‘Mirzapur’s Jodi’ brings a different story woven in one room


House Arrest: Mirzapur duo Ali Fazal and Shriya Pilgaonkar are set to appear in the digital world once again. This time the two will be seen together in the Netflix film House Arrest. The story of this film is based on a young man imprisoned in a room. The young man has locked himself in a room for six months. Directed by Samit Basu and Shashank Ghosh, the trailer of this film looks very funny and unique.

No character is mentioned in the trailer. It has a young man who has kept himself in a room for the past six months. Ali Fazal appears in the character of this young man. Right there, he has a friend who wants to get him out of the room. For this, he gives a woman journalist the number and address to interview her. Shriya Pilgaonkar is a journalist. After this, he gets to see the love of love and suspense in the room.

However, this plot is visible by watching the trailer, while the real story will be known only after the release of the film. The film will be released on Netflix on 15 November. Even before this, the story of one such room has come on screen. Rajkumar Rowe’s ‘Trapped’ was highly praised. However, the story of this film looks quite different from ‘Trapped’. The film’s trailer features a child, who is forcibly placed in a box. It seems to give a different touch to the film.

Overall, the film’s concept is quite funny and unique at the moment. At the same time, apart from this one is going to be seen on Netflix one after the other in Hindi films. Recently ‘Drive’ has been released, so in the coming period, films like ‘Class of 83’ and ‘Tribhanga’ are going to be seen.


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