Hotel businessman claims Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pavitra Punia is his wife, says – she has cheated 4 times


Contestant TV actress Pavitra Punia of Bigg Boss 14 had to leave the show this Sunday. His sour-sweet relationship with Ejaz Khan and sometimes hostility in the show entertained people a lot. A hotelier has claimed that she is his wife and has cheated her several times. Hotel businessman Sumit Maheshwari said that Pavitra kept her marriage secret and refused to tell anyone about it.

Sumit told in an interview to YouTube channel called ‘FifaFooz’, ‘We are still husband and wife. We got engaged and got married too, but why did she not disclose this, she will be able to answer it better. ‘ Pavitra Paras has also been in a relationship with Chhabra. Regarding this, Sumit said, ‘Paras Chhabra had said on social media that she was married yet she came into relationship with me. He had said that Pavitra’s husband texted me and told me this. This is absolutely true. I texted Paras that both of us are married and if you want to carry on the relationship, let me divorce him. ‘

Sumit further said, ‘Before going to Bigg Boss, he told me that I should not tell this to anyone and promised that there would be no further affair. But then everything is repeating, so I am very sad. This is the fourth time he has cheated on me. He is still in marriage with me but he has had four affairs. The first paras was the second symbol and the third someone else and now Ijaz Khan. ‘

Speaking on the relationship between Ejaz Khan and Pavitra Punia, Sumit said, ‘I cannot say that she is in a genuin relationship with Ejaz. When she could not stay with me even after marriage, then what will she be able to do with anyone else after that. She is seducing him to pursue a relationship with Ijaz, it is very shocking. ‘

Sumit said that whatever is on the show between Pavitra and Ejaz is just for the game. She can do anything for the holy person who gets some benefit from it. He said that this is his experience. He told that in the year 2015 he married Pavitra.


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